Updated: April 2, 2024

Situated in northern Portugal, Braga is renowned for its rich history, religious heritage, and cultural significance. The beautiful city is home to historical monuments, ancient churches, famous chapels, and other tourist places. Are you planning to relocate to Braga with your family and children? In that case, access to good educational facilities is one of the critical factors that will influence the choice of the neighborhood in which you choose to stay. In this article, we will guide you through the Braga neighborhoods close to international schools.

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Braga Neighborhood – Gualtar


Located in the charming city of Braga, Gualtar is a Portuguese parish with a university and schools, including an international school – CLIB – The Braga International School. The school follows a British curriculum, and the medium of instruction is English. If your children are between the age of 3 and18 years, then this is the perfect school. Each class in this school has around 20 students on average, and special care is given to each ward.

In addition to this, the school also offers extra-curricular activities and transportation facilities. International students from across the world are welcome to attend the school. Presently, foreign residents from 34 nationalities are studying in this international school. The Braga International School has native-English-speaking teachers and conducts extra language classes (Portuguese and Spanish) for international students.

In order to mold students into young professionals, the school has a meticulous academic program that prioritizes enhancing mental and physical capabilities, opening doors to cross-cultural events, and nurturing new technologies and innovations.

Contact the Braga International School

To find out more about this school, you can refer to the contact details below:

Address: R. da Igreja Velha – Gualtar, 4710 – 069 Braga, Portugal

Phone Number: (+351) 253 679 860

Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

Website: The Braga International School

Frequently Asked Questions About Braga Neighborhoods Close to International Schools

Unfortunately, this school has yet to make its annual fees public. You can contact the school in person or visit their website for more details.

Presently, there is only one international school in Braga – CLIB – The Braga International School.

Portugal has a solid educational infrastructure in place. In addition to regular schools, there are various international schools across the entire country.

Braga is one of the best Portuguese cities to live in with your family. Places like Briteiros, Vila Verde, and Espinho should be on your list. If you are looking to live in a neighborhood close to an international school, then Gualtar can be an excellent place for you to stay as it is close to the Braga International School.

Braga is one of the most economical Portuguese cities to live in your family in terms of European and Portuguese standards of living. The city has affordable markets, restaurants, and transportation facilities.