Less than an hour northeast of Lisbon, between the capital and the Atlantic, lies Mafra. This is a municipality and city that retains a historic, quiet and relaxed atmosphere and where local life still permeates. Mafra Portugal real estate is hotting up at the moment, providing homebuyers and investors with lucrative properties that are the perfect distance between the buzz of Lisbon and the beautiful coastal landscapes, quaint villages, and sundrenched beaches of the Silver Coast. 

In this article, we’ll delve into buying Mafra Portugal real estate, including the current real estate market in Mafra. Following this, we’ll provide a history of Mafra and what it is like to live in this tranquil city. 

If you are looking to buy property in Portugal but are unsure where to buy, or simply want to have more information on a particular area, such as Mafra, you can book a call here to speak with a Goldcrest advisor, who will be able to provide you with tailored advice based on your current needs – whether you are looking for a lucrative investment, a second home or a delightful abode to spend your retirement. 


Why choose Mafra?

Mafra is made up of eleven parishes, which include the city of Mafra and the beach and surf paradise of Ericeira. The population of the municipality is almost 75,000, extending over 290 square kilometres. Mafra borders Torres Vedras to the north, which hosts the lovely Santa Cruz seaside parish, and borders Sintra in the south. 

Driving through the city of Mafra, you will be able to see the Mafra National Palace, a beautiful baroque palace and UNESCO World Heritage Site, which provides a centerpiece to the city. The historic Mafra retains a very local feel to it and you are surrounded by beautiful countryside and pristine beaches. 

For nature lovers, you have the countryside close at hand and beautiful hikes to get outside. For beach enthusiasts, you have an array of stunning options to choose from, and for those that can’t get enough of the Portuguese cuisine, you have excellent restaurants, with some of the best seafood and fish dishes in the country served along the Silver Coast. And then you have the bright lights of Lisbon within your sights, where you can enjoy all the perks of an exciting, cosmopolitan city. 


Mafra Portugal real estate

Mafra real estate is gaining in popularity with expats in Portugal. Here, we’ll run over the current real estate market in the municipality. 


Mafra Portugal real estate – prices

The average asking property price for the Mafra municipality stood at €1,544/m2 in 2020. This is significantly more affordable than other areas of the country, although property prices have been increasing and look set to continue on this trend. Note that this is the average price, and buying property in Portugal, you will find that prices are either higher or lower than the asking price. 

Outside the hustle and bustle of Lisbon, Mafra is an excellent location to own a property. Indeed, in 2018, Ericeira and the city of Mafra ranked as the second and third best places to live in Greater Lisbon, respectively.


Mafra Portugal real estate – a taste of luxury

There are several options for luxury homes in Mafra, with many properties that have private pools, gyms, and security. You also have properties in Ericeira and on the coast (still in the Mafra municipality) that provide luxury properties with waterfront views of the Atlantic. 

An advantage of buying a luxury property here is that you will have a spacious property, potentially with a large garden, but also very close to an array of attractions – Lisbon, Sintra, and the Silver Coast to name but a few. Whether you are looking for a house, villa, apartment, or townhouse, you should be able to find many options that fit your needs. 

While luxury properties are obviously expensive, buyers should be happy to know that compared to other western European countries, luxury prices are still fairly modest.


An introduction to Mafra

Mafra once was a primary supplier to Lisbon of garden produce and is famous for its impressive Mafra Palace, the largest edifice in the country that was built in the 18th Century by King Dom João V. After three years of marriage to Dona Maria Ana of Austria, he still had no children and therefore promised the Franciscan friars that he would build them a convent if his prayers for an heir to the throne were answered. 

Therefore, following the birth of his daughter, Dona Maria Pia, the king started to build the palace, initially as a quite modest building. However, the German architect, Ludwig, was contacted and the plan underwent considerable alterations as a result of the opulence and luxury that Portugal was experiencing at the time, due to the riches coming in overseas from Brazil. The impressive result can be seen for yourself firsthand, and the palace was built in a record time from 1717 to 1730.

In the surrounding areas, it is worth visiting the village of Sobreiro, where José Franco’s ceramics workshop can be found and you can enjoy the authentic and cultural aspects of local village life. 

From the city of Mafra, you are very close to Ericeira, which is a World Surf Reserve, with outstanding beaches, quaint restaurants, and a distinctly local feel – to see more about Ericeira, our article here will provide you with all that you need to know. Elsewhere, both Cascais and Sintra are easily reachable for beach and nature lovers. 


Lifestyle in Mafra

The historic city of Mafra still has a very local feel to it, and you should easily be able to become part of the community. There are also many expats in the area, with the Silver Coast a favorite for those looking to move to Portugal. Indeed, if you are looking for a spacious property to unwind and relax, then Mafra is a very good option.

With current trends in remote working allowing for greater flexibility and improved work-life balance, then owning a property in the Mafra municipality certainly caters for this. You are able to work from the comfort of your home, perhaps on a sunny balcony. Alongside this, you’ll likely be able to spend more precious time with your family. 

There are many activities to keep yourself occupied. For watersport and surf enthusiasts, the Silver Coast is one of the best places to get your fix in the sea. For those that prefer dry land, the Sintra-Cascais National Park is close by, so you will be able to go hiking in the mountains. You also have activities such as yoga, cooking classes, cycling and mountain biking. Indeed there are activities to cater for whatever need. And if you prefer to simply relax on the beach, there are many delightful spots to choose from.

When it comes to schooling, the education system in Portugal is very good, with both excellent public schools and private schools. There are also international schools that could be an option. In the Lisbon area, there are many, some of which are not too far from Mafra. You can see more about the international schools in Portugal here

Frequently asked questions about Mafra Portugal real estate:

1. What does Mafra Portugal real estate cost?

The average asking property price for the Mafra municipality stood at €1,544/m2 in 2020. Note that this is the asking price and transaction prices can be either above or below this amount. 

2. Is Mafra a good option for expats in Portugal to live?

Yes, Mafra is a good place to live for expats. Whether you are looking for a spacious property in the countryside, a townhouse in the city of Mafra, or a waterfront house in Ericeira, expats in Portugal should be able to find a perfect property to suit their needs. Families, retirees and digital nomads each have much to admire about this part of Portugal. 

3. Is it easy for foreigners to buy property in Portugal?

Yes, it is relatively easy for foreigners to buy property in Portugal. However, there are many things to consider, from taxes and fees, to scouting the perfect home for you, to knowing the practicalities of moving to Portugal. Goldcrest have provided an ultimate guide to buying property in Portugal – you can buy your copy here

You can also speak with an experienced Goldcrest advisor to determine which part of Portugal is the best place for you to settle down. There are many different beautiful areas in Portugal, each with their own unique quirks and characteristics. For tailor-made advice, you can book a call here.

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