If you are looking to jump on the property investment ladder in Portugal, there is a wide array of opportunities on the market. Whether you are seeking a short-term rental or a property that you can lease on a longer-term basis, there are plenty of investment options.

Goldcrest is here to help you secure your ideal property investment property in Portugal. As the first buyer’s agent in Portugal, we have helped hundreds of clients to achieve their investment goals. We have an acute understanding of the intricacies of buying property in Portugal and have been building an inside knowledge of the Portuguese real estate market.

Our Scope of Services


Account Manager

Dedicated account manager to follow every step of the process

Market Intelligence

Market intelligence reports and insider knowledge

Visual Inspection

Viewing, videos, and visual inspection of the property

Investment Analysis

Investment analysis if required

Property Surveyor

Property surveyor for infra due diligence when required

Negotiation Assistance

Strategy and assistance with negotiation


After-sales services


Our process in 6 simple steps

Our process is based on simplifying the purchase process for you to buy property in Portugal, ensuring a hassle-free, time-saving property buying experience where you can be confident of the investment potential of your property and are certain you are getting the best price possible.


Initial meet

Meet your personal consultant. In the initial meeting, we will provide you with a robust understanding of the Portuguese real estate market, clarify any questions you may have, and outline our services. We will discuss your investment aspirations, budget, and preferences, so are aligned in setting out a plan of action to achieve your goals.



Following the initial meeting, we’ll create a personalized brief tailored to your precise criteria. This will act as the guidepost for identifying and assessing viable investment opportunities in the marketplace. Your consultant will be in frequent contact with you, ensuring we get your feedback and insights so that we have everything we need to begin the property search.



Based on your requirements, we search our extensive database to create a portfolio of eligible investment properties. We can work with any agent, developer, or private seller, offering full market coverage with limitless options. We use the latest technologies and market data to enhance our search.



We aid in negotiations so you receive the best terms. Once we have identified a property in Portugal that you want to purchase, before you submit any offers, we will analyze the purchase price and prospects of the property, in line with your personal objectives. We leverage the latest intelligence and market insights to substantiate the offer.



Once you have your property selected, we assist with the managed purchase. We assist you through the legal processes of property acquisition, coordinating with relevant services to ensure the property purchase is completed properly and working alongside your Goldcrest account manager and lawyer.


After-sale Service

Our service extends post-sale, should you wish to benefit from our client services. This includes getting your property set up, the leasing of the property for long-term rentals, and property management.

Finding the perfect investment property in Portugal can be challenging.

We are here to help. Working with you to find your ideal investment at the best price.  

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Our After-Sale Services

Goldcrest Real Estate provides tailored after sale services to our clients, assisting new property owners in getting their property set-up, assisting them with the leasing of the property, or with integrated property management services.

Scope of services:

  • Property set-up: From setting up utilities, TV, and Wi-Fi to introducing you to furniture, home designers, brokers, and home insurance companies, we ensure that your property is ready to move into.
  • Liaising with tenants: Should you wish to lease your property long-term (more than one year), we can assist with advertising your property and tenant management.
  • Property management: We liaise with property management and maintenance teams to ensure your property is well looked after, in addition to other services, such as attending condominium meetings on your behalf and organizing compulsory safety checks.


Goldcrest: Finding You the Right Investment

How we stand out: 

Local expertise at your fingertips

  • Extensive local presence: Offices in Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve, covering all of mainland Portugal, the Azores, and Madeira.
  • Unparalleled experience: As Portugal’s first buyer’s agent and a member of the AIPP, you have access to unmatched knowledge and professional integrity, including unique insights and strategies developed over years of our dedicated service.

Your independent real estate ally


  • Your interest first: Operating without ties to any developments or projects, we prioritize your needs, such as negotiating the best real estate prices on your behalf.
  • Impartial and comprehensive advice: As the only impartial advisors in the Portuguese property market, we analyze every option, from new-builds to commercial properties, ensuring you make the most of your real estate investment.
  • Full market access: Work with any agent, seller, or developer. Our unique business model is designed to provide a 360-degree solution, catering to all your real estate needs, whether renting or buying property.


Streamlined, customized property search


  • Personalized Consultation: You’ll have a dedicated real estate consultant exclusively for you, supported by our client management system, ensuring a smooth exchange of information. We consider all your needs and preferences when crafting a personalized strategy and throughout the buying property process.
  • Efficient Portuguese market coverage: Our exclusive proprietary technologies, like metasearch tools, grant you an extensive perspective of the Portuguese real estate market, even encompassing properties not publicly listed. These tools provide a holistic view of the entire Portuguese real estate landscape, including property prices and properties not accessible through conventional means.
  • End-to-end property exploration: Your personalized viewing itinerary is meticulously planned, ensuring you’re guided through property visits, saving you both time and money. We will always be with you on the ground, or we can do viewings on your behalf if required.
  • Maximized savings: Our skilled negotiators analyze property values and strive to secure the best deal for you when you buy property in Portugal, focused on minimizing your expenses.


All-encompassing real estate solutions:


  • Financial and investment support: Gain access to top mortgage brokers and assistance with documentation for financing your real estate investment.
  • Property management services: Connect with property management experts, builders, architects, interior designers, and landscape gardeners to enhance the propety value.
  • Relocation made easy: Access our concierge services for a smooth relocation, including assistance with moving services and settling in.

Why invest in Portugal?


why invest in portugal

Portugal has quickly become a top investment hub in Western Europe for foreign investment, providing investors with a strong return on their real estate investments regardless of whether they opt for short term or long term rentals.

With a booming tourism sector that continues to grow – Portugal closed 2023 with a record 77 million overnight stays and €25 billion in tourist revenue, representing a 10 percent and 37 percent growth, respectively, when compared with 2019 – and a blossoming tech scene, Portugal has become a popular location for exapts from all walks of life. And, for foreign investors looking to secure a place on the property ladder, this makes for an attractive investment opportunity.


Strong rental yields


Dynamic and resilient real estate market


Thriving tourism sector


A range of attractive investment property types


Blossoming tech and business hub


Safety and stability


English widely spoken


English widely spoken


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Frequently Asked Questions

We utilize the latest market data and our local insights to equip you with clear and comprehensive advice on the best investment opportunities in Portugal based on your exact requirements. Our unique proprietary technologies, such as metasearch tools, offer you a broad insight into the Portugal real estate market, encompassing properties not openly listed. These tools offer a comprehensive understanding of the complete Portuguese real estate scene, including property prices, and incorporate properties that aren’t available through traditional channels.

To secure the most favorable real estate prices for you, we negotiate on your behalf by assessing the property value and potential of the property. We employ cutting-edge analysis and market knowledge to justify our offers, ensuring you receive optimal terms for your Portuguese property purchase. While real estate agents work on behalf of the seller, Goldcrest works solely on behalf of the buyer, ensuring your interests are protected when you purchase property and that you make an excellent financial investment.

In the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, property rental yields stood at 6.7 percent in the third quarter of 2023, while for the Porto Metropolitan Area, rental yields stood at 6 percent. For the Algarve region, rental yields stood at 5.6 percent.

If you are looking to buy to invest in Portugal for foreigners, you’ll find that buying property can be a lucrative venture. High rental yields in Portugal provide individuals with a profitable investment and the potential to secure a promising rental income.

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