Updated: March 18, 2024


Previously an industrial area of Lisbon, Marvila is currently one of the up-and-coming neighborhoods to live and invest in. It is located on the east side of the city with spectacular views over the Tagus River. Comprised of warehouses and industrial buildings, Marvila is undergoing a complete transformation that has seen these abandoned spaces morph into creative and innovative spaces.

Hailed as Lisbon’s version of London’s Shoreditch or New York’s Meatpacking District, Marvila is dominated by entrepreneurial businesses, including creative space Hub Creative Beato, art gallery Filomena Soares Gallery, and craft breweries Fábrica Musa and Dois Corvos.

Why Marvila real estate?

Marvila real estate is conveniently located in the middle of many attractions in Lisbon while maintaining enough distance to make it a quiet neighborhood. It is the perfect place for young couples and entrepreneurs who can take advantage of its creative and intellectual vibes. As the area is undergoing intense transformations, it has plenty of potential to become not only a commercial area but also a fantastic residential neighborhood.

The real estate market in Marvila

While pricey, Marvila offers plenty of loft-style and modern apartments for short or long-term rental. As an evolving entrepreneurial hub, there are also plenty of larger, commercial properties for long-term investors. The community in Marvila is made up of mostly young couples and individuals drawn to the artistic and innovative aspects of the area.

Buying a house in Marvila

Marvila real estate is rapidly evolving, and the constant influx of new businesses is improving this formerly overlooked area. Marvila has developed into a magnet for creatives with restaurants, co-working spaces in former warehouses, and art galleries. The area has experienced a remarkable shift in recent years as it has embraced tourism and innovation. Today, you may find restaurants providing authentic cuisine prepared with local products or a new brewery serving excellent craft beers.

Given its rising market worth, the following are some grounds for why you should start thinking about investing in real estate in Marvila, Lisbon.

  • High returns

Marvila is being transformed by significant public and private investments, and it is expected to become one of Lisbon’s most popular attractions. It’s a haven for digital entrepreneurs and apartment residents who can take advantage of having everything close at hand.

  • Properties

A once-industrial area has been turned into an avant-garde district with trendy lofts. There are luxurious apartments with breathtaking views available at various price points for the next generation of creatives looking to build a name for themselves in the world, ranging from studios to five-bedroom homes with balconies or private gardens.

  • Portuguese residency and citizenship

Individuals can acquire eligible homes and seek residency in Portugal under the Golden Visa scheme. The Portugal Golden Visa program makes it simpler for investors to live there. Keep in mind that the Portugal Golden Visa only applies to commercial property in Lisbon. Qualifying residential properties need to be located in designated interior areas

Things to consider when buying a house in Marvila, Lisbon

Real estate purchases often seem difficult. But it’s worth it, when you open the door to your new perfect property which provides you with everything you’ve been after. Before making a decision, consider the following points.

The area

A new home purchase involves more than just the house itself. Spend some time getting to know the area where the property is located before making a decision: Look for bars and cafés, schools nearby, and everything else you will need.

Property check

Make sure to thoroughly check the property before buying it, whether it is for personal use or investment. Visit and assess whether the equipment, such as electrical and heating systems, and water connectors, require repairs. This will assist you in determining the purchase’s net cost and whether the property is worth buying.

The price of real estate in Marvila

To unify the entire coastal area of the city, Marvila is becoming more and more modern as it gets ready to welcome more visitors to the eastern part of Lisbon.

In 2023, the average asking price of a property in Marvila was 5,530 per square meter. Keep in mind that this is only the asking price and that the final sale price may be higher or lower.

Commercial properties

Investing in commercial properties in Marvila, Lisbon offers prime location advantages, potential for high rental yields, and capital appreciation. With booming development, strategic positioning, and a burgeoning economy, it presents lucrative opportunities for long-term growth and diversification.

Living in Marvila property

Conveniently served by bus, Marvila is well-connected to other areas of the city, including Lisbon airport and the contemporary, redeveloped district of Parque das Nações. While not served by train or metro, it is always possible to catch a bus to areas in which these modes of transportation exist, including downtown Lisbon, which can be reached in 20 minutes.

Marvila does not have many green spaces, which is why plans are currently in motion to revitalize the waterfront area and turn it into a massive park. However, there are plenty of cultural centers, cozy restaurants, Art Deco architecture, and art spaces to keep residents occupied. Also popular with sport enthusiasts is the convenient location of the expansive river waterfront, perfect for jogging and biking, and the presence of a rock climbing gym.

Expert advice

International interest in Marvila has grown significantly in recent years, making it a popular area to invest in. It is relatively close to the lively bustle of downtown Lisbon while also providing access to the trendy district of Parque das Nações, noted for its green spaces and shopping options.

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