Partner with Goldcrest Property Finding and Lifestyle Services

Our energetic and highly qualified team is dedicated to finding the best properties and facilitating the day-to-day running of your client’s estate and/or life in Portugal.
With our expert knowledge and personalized approach, we offer comprehensive services that make your client’s experience seamless and stress-free.


We have a multi-disciplined team who can cater to a wide range of markets and present personalized solutions.

We offer competitive compensation: By working together, we can create and offer relevant choices and real flexibility to those looking to gain mobility and access to top education and medical care, as well as those looking to expand on a global scale, and enhance their level of security.

Buyer’s Agent

We will work for your client. 

It is well-known that estate agents work exclusively for the seller of the property and are incentivized to achieve the highest price for their client. As an investor, being equipped with up-to-date knowledge to make an informed buying decision is crucial. 

Over the past five years, we have facilitated more than €100M in property transactions. The scope of our services includes: 

Icon A dedicated agent who takes time to thoroughly understand requirements and preferences
Icon Expert guidance throughout the property search and the latest intelligence on the Portuguese property market
Icon Site visits on the client’s behalf
Icon An extensive analysis of the property market, both online and offline, to narrow down buyer's options before they visit Portugal
Icon Our team works diligently to ensure correct steps have been carried out, safeguarding clients from poor property investments
Icon Due diligence carried out by you or another firm with fiduciary duties to your client
Icon We work with mortgage brokers, facilitating financing for clients
Icon We employ meta-search tools so we can assess the property’s time on the market, price fluctuations, conduct an analytical comparison, and do a market analysis report

Property management

  • Management service – main point of contact for the tenant and owner
  • Property valuation – fit-out and revenue forecast
  • Identifying tenants and evaluating offers
  • Tenant’s references and verification
  • Contract negotiations

Full lifestyle support, dealing with a broad range of undertakings

  • Design, budgeting and execution for repairs and renovations
  • Interior design and decoration
  • Managing the tenant check-in
  • Organizing compulsory annual safety checks
  • Collecting rent and reporting it to the Portuguese Finance Department
  • Carrying out regular property inspections
  • Managing any disputes that may arise
  • Managing the deposit release at the end of each tenancy
  • Tax returns IRS and IMI payment
  • Attend condominium meetings
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Property Finding: Rentals

Dedicated agent who takes time to thoroughly understand client's requirements and preferences

Expert guidance throughout the property search and the latest intelligence on the rental market

Site visits on your client's behalf (live or with videos)

Contract negotiations


We take care of the bureaucracies related to investing in or moving to Portugal, such as utility contracts for water, gas, electricity, phone, and internet connections. We supervise construction and interior design work, and handle condominium management and house sitting.

Why Partner with Goldcrest

  • We handle each client plan with care and intelligence. We place emphasis on building and maintaining close relationships.
  • We offer our partners a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of our working relationship.
  • Transparency – we share our client management tool so you can be part of the process.
  • Quick and generous commissions.
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