Updated: June 6, 2024

Situated in the Lisbon district of Portugal, Lourinhã is a municipality famous for its charming beaches, rich cultural heritage, historical artifacts, and liquor production. Planning to move to the Greater Lisbon area and buy a property? You should consider the Lourinhã area for your investment.


In this article, we will take you through the various real estate options available in the region, the types of properties, the benefits of Lourinhã Real Estate investment, and more.

Types of Property in Lourinhã, Lisbon


Apartments – Fully renovated and well-equipped two-bedroom apartments in Lourinhã range from between €139,500 – €210,000.

Detached houses – Luxurious villas with four to five bedrooms and with all modern amenities in the region range from between €330,000 – €1,700,000.

Benefits of Investing in Lourinhã Real Estate


Attractive tourism sector – In the last few years, the tourism sector in Portugal has developed immensely. Owing to its picturesque natural landscapes, relaxed lifestyle, and accessible modern facilities, Lisbon has often been featured in top destinations to visit lists. All these factors have led to an increased demand for Airbnb and other rental options, thereby making real estate investment in the region very lucrative.

Attractive lifestyle- Portugal’s capital is famous for its excellent tourist spots and as being an entrepreneurial hotspot, in addition to having an attractive real estate market. Compared to other European regions, Portugal has a lower cost of living but high living standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Moradia Lourinhã Real Estate?

Yes, you can get long-term rental apartments in Lourinhã. These apartments are usually conveniently located and are well-equipped with contemporary furnishings and modern amenities.

The price of a property depends on various factors like size, location, facilities available, and more. Although Lourinhã is situated in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, property prices in this region are affordable compared to properties in the heart of the city. This makes Lourinhã an attractive place for real estate investment for expats.