We understand the challenges of managing property, particularly in a country where you may be unfamiliar with the language, process, and common obligations.

We have developed a comprehensive client service aimed at making your property ownership experience seamless and stress-free. Our comprehensive approach provides a wide range of services that can be tailored towards you to optimize your property management experience and ensure peace of mind.

We provide the following key services:

  • Property set up
  • Leasing of your property
  • Property management

Our service is tailored to your exact requirements with a pick and choose approach that allows you to select only the services that you need our assistance with.


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Property Set Up


Getting your property set up can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with the best service providers or associated costs. We ensure the process of getting your property up is a smooth one.


Scope of services:

• Set up your Wi-Fi, TV services, and utilities 

• Delivery, reception, and assembly of furniture on your behalf 

• Introduction to furniture and home design providers to help define and plan furniture design, purchase, and set-up 

• Introduction to brokers and home insurance providers to protect your asset 



Leasing of Your Property


We provide essential services for landlords looking to lease their properties in Portugal. You can rest assured that your asset is being looked after by a professional managing agent. From advertising your property to finding suitable tenants based on your requirements, in addition to acting as the main point of contact between you and the tenant, we have you covered.

Please note that our leasing of the property service is only for long-term rentals (more than one year). If you are looking to secure property management services for short-term rentals, we can introduce you to a short-term rental property management service.


Scope of Services

• Marketing the property and finding suitable tenants 

• A dedicated agent that will act as the main point of contact for the tenant throughout the tenancy term 

• Handling any disputes that may arise between the tenant and the property owner. This includes dealing with any breakages or urgent repairs that may be needed. 

• Mediating the deposit release at the end of each tenancy 

• Introduction to a tax accountant that will assist you with tax returns, IRS, and IMI payment, in addition to collecting rent and reporting it to the Portuguese Finance Department 

• Property check-in and check-out report 

• Managing tenant check-ins and check-outs 

• Access to the property mid-tenancy 



Property Management


Once you own a property, you want to have peace of mind to ensure your property is well maintained and well-managed. We provide a wide range of services to ensure your property is given optimal treatment.


Scope of Services


Maintenance of the property 

• 24/7 around the clock assistance for any emergencies or issues that may arise 

• Arranging and managing repairs and renovations, when required 

• Arranging and coordinating cleaning, gardening, and regular maintenance services for the property when the house is vacant, when required 


Monitoring of the property 

• Organizing compulsory annual safety checks to ensure compliance with local regulations

• Attending condominium meetings on behalf of the property owner

• Handling issues related to property insurance

• Carrying out regular property inspections 

• We stay up to date with local laws and regulations, ensuring your property remains in compliance with legal requirements

• Post collection, if required



Goldcrest: Our Integrated Client Services


We provide an array of client services moulded to suit your needs.

Here’s what sets us apart:


GC-ICON-57  Saving you time, money, and hassle


With years of experience, our local insights allow us to understand ways in which we can save you money and time. We streamline the property set-up process, effectively manage tenant relations, and provide integrated property management services so provide you with peace of mind that your asset is well looked after.


A personalized service


With our pick and choose approach to the services we offer, we provide a highly personalized service for property owners tailored to their exact requirements.


   Extensive network


With our extensive network of trusted partners, including builders, interior designers, surveyors, gardeners, and accountants, you have quick access to the services you need. We can liaise with them on your behalf to ensure your exact requirements are met.


  No-stress rentals


If you are looking to lease your property, we carefully screen tenants to guarantee a secure and suitable selection. Your property will be advertised on different national and international online and offline platforms. Our team handles all aspects of the leasing process on your behalf, serving as your single point of contact.




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We provide a wide array of integrated client services tailored to the client’s needs with a pick and choose approach. Our client services are focused on property set-up, leasing of your property, and in property management.

While you can commit to managing your property, there are many challenges that you will encounter. This includes difficulties in managing the recipient of tenant income, and challenges with tenant management and lack of experience in the market, leading to longer maintenance response time. Additionally, managing property on your own is time intensive and is difficult if you are unfamiliar with local customs or do not speak Portuguese.

It is not necessarily difficult to rent out your property in Portugal. However, you will need to ensure you abide by Portuguese legislation and follow the required steps. Also, ensuring that your property is advertised in the right places to attract tenants who meet your criteria requires a good understanding of the Portuguese market.

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Whether you need help getting your property set-up or are looking for integrated property management services, we can help you.


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