Updated: April 3, 2024

A 45-minute drive northwest of Lisbon, you will come across Ericeir. The white houses, with their blue façades, the incredibly fresh seafood dishes, the staggering cliffs, and stunning beaches all signal your arrival to this seaside town. If you are looking for a high quality of life in a beautiful part of the country, Ericeira Portugal real estate provides an excellent opportunity to both lifestyle buyers and investors. 

Although a fair share of expats have discovered this gem on the western coast, the town retains its Portuguese habits. Indeed, the relaxed lifestyle makes Ericeira, in a way, still feel like a hidden secret.  

In this article, we’ll first walk you through why you should consider Ericeira if you want to buy a property in Portugal or move to the country. Following this, we’ll guide you through practical information on Ericeira Portugal Real Estate. This will include running through the property prices you can expect and the type of properties available. We’ll also provide a brief history of the seaside town and the way of life here.

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Why Ericeira?

While Ericeira is considered a surfers paradise, expats from all walks of life have come to call Ericeira home. With spacious properties, ocean views, and the best of the natural world at your doorstep, stop to consider living in this special corner of Portugal. 

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of Ericeira is the calmness of the town. You can easily get to know the locals, seeing the same friendly faces around you, in the cute cafés or walking along the coast. 

If you have visited Ericeira, you will be aware of the charming whitewashed houses with blue façades on cobbled streets. Here, locals can be seen amicably talking with each other, heading to the local bakery, or stopping for a relaxed coffee with views of the Atlantic.  

For surfers, Ericeira is paradise, one of the best surfing locations in Portugal. With perfect waves and conditions, the waters are often filled with those testing their skill on the board, constantly chasing the perfect wave. You’ll come across an Ericeira surf house or two in the town, where you can learn to surf.

The Silver Coast (Costa de Prata) continues to increase in popularity, an advantage for investors. This includes attention focused on Ericeira. In fact, it’s not possible to go to this seaside town and not fall in love with its relaxed pace of life, incredible seafood, and sweeping ocean views.  

In the last few years, we have seen a transition towards more flexible working-from-home arrangements. Indeed, Ericeira is the perfect location to embrace the work/life balance fully, where you can wake up to a stunning sea view. It is one of the best locations to own a waterfront property in Portugal. Plus, there are a few coworking spaces where you can get to know fellow remote workers. With several beautiful beaches, restaurants, and modern, fully-equipped properties to enjoy, what better place to find your dream home?


Ericeira Portugal Real Estate 

The real estate market in Ericeira has gained popularity in recent years, given the beautiful landscapes, incredible beaches, and outstanding properties.  


Property prices

The price per square meter to buy a property in Ericeira will depend on where you buy, with properties with views of the Atlantic Ocean. The average asking price for property in Mafra, the municipality in which Ericeira is located, was €3,111 per square meter in 2023. 

You’ll find some reasonable homes for sale in Ericeira if you do a basic house price search. However, prices have increased in recent years and look set to continue to rise. 


Investment potential

Ericeira presents enticing investment potential for property. Its stunning coastal location, renowned surf culture, and proximity to Lisbon have made it an increasingly sought-after destination. Property values have been steadily rising, offering long-term capital appreciation gains. Additionally, a blossoming tourism industry provides opportunities for short-term rentals, although be sure to take into account seasonal fluctuations if you are considering this route. Given the range of property types for sale in Ericeira, investors should be able to find a property that meets their exact requirements.

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Types of property

With many different house types – apartments, villas, houses – you should be able to find the property that suits your needs in Ericeira. Many of the properties for sale in Ericeira also have stunning ocean views. When looking for property, it is best to first define your search criteria. For example, are you looking for a spacious property with a large garden, a modern apartment with sea views, or a countryside villa with a swimming pool? Also, extend your search criteria to consider the surrounding area. Are you looking to be close to local restaurants, schools, or good public transportation links?

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Luxury property

There are many luxury properties for sale in Ericeira, with waterfront views and an array of amenities and facilities. The price of luxury properties will depend entirely on the size of the property, its location, and add-ons, such as if the property has a swimming pool or private gym.  

One aspect that attracts luxury buyers is that Ericeira provides tranquility and calm to unwind completely – a hidden gem in one of the most sedate and beautiful parts of Portugal. Whether you are looking for a modern apartment, villa, or townhouse, you will find many different types of accommodation here. 

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Properties for rent

If you are considering moving to Ericeira, it can be a good option to rent an apartment for a while so that you can get to grips with the area and attend property visits in person. 

To provide you with some insights into the average renting prices in Ericeira, you can check out the following data:

  • Renting a mid-range T2 apartment will cost €1,350 per month.
  • Renting a high-range T2 apartment will cost €2,000 per month.


How to find properties for sale in Ericeira

Real estate agents in Portugal can assist you with finding a property to rent or properties for sale in Ericeira and can save you time when searching for a place to stay, helping you find more properties that fit your specific criteria.

The best way to start is through research and applying search filters to find the properties that suit your needs. While there is no Zillow Portugal, there are many different platforms that you can use, such as Idealista and Imovirtual, where you can “save search.” Once you set search filters and “save search” on these platforms, you can get notifications on properties that fit your criteria. You can add more filters depending on whether you would like the apartment to be furnished or unfurnished or to have a balcony, garden, etc. The more filters you apply, the more focused your search will be.

Many real estate agents will speak English, as foreign buyers are extremely common in Portugal, so you won’t have any difficulties with an agent language barrier. 

A History of Ericeira

 Given the bountiful seafood and delicious fish that can be savored in Ericeira, it seems inevitable that the name “Ericeira” has seafood connotations. The name is believed to have come from the word ouriceira, a derivative of ouriço which means “sea urchins” in Portuguese. Given the abundance of sea urchins that line the beaches of Ericeira, it seems plausible. 

However, this is not actually the case. Recent studies have confirmed that the animal mentioned was not, in fact, ouriço but Ouriço-caixerio, meaning “hedgehog,” which was associated with the Phoenicians goddess Astarte. Therefore, this highlights that the name dates back to the colonization of the Phoenicians. 

The history of Ericeira dates to about 1000 BC. The first charter in 1229 was the first reference to the fishermen of Ericeira, who remain of vital importance to Ericeira. 

In the 19th century, Ericeira experienced tremendous growth as the business port of Extremadura. Historically, the city is perhaps most well-known for when King Manuel II swiftly departed his palace in Mafra and sailed into exile. He voyaged under the protection of the British Navy. After this, the banished king settled in Twickenham, England, where he died in 1932.  

During the second world war, Ericeira was also a refuge for various nationalities seeking to flee the Nazi regime and persecution in their homelands.

The waters of Ericeira are said to have high iodine concentrations, which have been noted as having skin benefits. Perhaps this is why the Portuguese Royal Family regularly frequented its waters in the past. Also, the Bishop of Coimbra regularly bathed in its waters in 1803.

Lifestyle in Ericeira

The bustling seaside town of Ericeira is exactly what you would expect from a typical Portuguese town. You have local traditions, friendly neighbors, and delicious family-run restaurants. However, Ericeira also boasts some spectacular fine dining experiences, with a focus on fresh seafood and fish dishes. The pastries in Ericeira, with a morning coffee, also go down a treat when accompanied by the stunning views of the sparkling Atlantic Ocean.

For expats in Portugal, you will quickly come to find that Ericeira is a very easy place to live. While you are by the sea, you also have many green areas to enjoy. If you are a digital nomad looking to move to Portugal, you will find several trendy cafés and a couple of co-working spaces to work from. Although renowned for its surfing, there are plenty of other watersport activities to try. However, if dry land is more to your liking, you can enjoy yoga, tennis, and cooking courses. You’ll also have excellent access to Lisbon, which is less than an hour’s drive away. With public transport, it is also quite easy to get around, with a bus running regularly between Ericeira and Lisbon, providing easy access to the bright lights of the capital.

With many different properties for sale in Ericeira, you should be able to find your dream home here, whether it is a modern apartment with an open plan or charming villa with sea views. The regions attracts expats from all walks of life.

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The Climate in Ericeira

The weather in Ericeira, Portugal is generally excellent – the summers are warm and dry, and you have a slight breeze from the Atlantic, so it does not usually get stiflingly hot. Winters, however, can be cold and wet. The temperature typically ranges from 49 Degrees F (9 Degrees C) to 80 Degrees F (26 Degrees C). 


Goldcrest: How We Can Help

Goldcrest is a buyers agent based in Portugal. We can help you with your purchase, working with you from finding the right property for sale in Ericeira through to acquisition. The agent language barrier will not be an issue, as our real estate experts are multilingual and will be able to assist you throughout the buying process. Whether you are looking for a charming villa for sale in Ericeira or a modern apartment in Lisbon, we are here to assist you.

You can contact us today to kickstart the process to secure your dream home.


Frequently Asked Questions about Ericeira Portugal Real Estate

Is Ericeira Portugal real estate a good investment?

Yes, with an influx of expats, Ericeira is a good investment opportunity for beautiful properties on the coast. You’ll be able to find the property of your choice with a sea view. It is worth speaking with experienced experts in the field to gain insights into the property market and find specific properties that match your criteria. 

For families, this part of Portugal could also be the perfect place to find your dream home with a sea view, with many spacious properties for sale in Ericeira that meet this requirement.

You will need to have a NIF number (Tax Identification Number) to buy property in Portugal. We recommend opening a Portuguese bank account to avoid exchange rates.

Living in Ericeira, Portugal, expats can expect to find a relaxed way of life with strong Portuguese traditions. You’ll also come across some of the best seafood in the country in Ericeira, plus delicious sweet delicacies. Indeed, if you want to move to Portugal, Ericeira is a very good option to find your dream home.  

For further options on the Silver Coast, you can see our article on the Silver Coast here on other outstanding options to consider.

This will largely depend on your search criteria. If you do a house price search, you’ll see the range of house types and the price brackets that you can expect to find. 

The average asking price for property in Mafra, the municipality in which Ericeira is located, was €3,111 per square meter in 2023. 

However, premium properties will evidently be more expensive and will depend on additional factors. This includes whether the property has a swimming pool, gym, security, storage room, etc.

The average asking price for property in Mafra, the municipality in which Ericeira is located, was €3,111 per square meter in 2023. 

You will find the luxury homes for sale in Ericeira are more reasonably priced than what you would expect to pay elsewhere in Western Europe. Many will have a swimming pool, private gym, and security.

The best way to start is through research. There are many different platforms that you can use, such as Idealista and Imovirtual, where you can apply search filters and “save search.” When you have a “save search,” you will receive notifications on properties that meet your criteria. You can add more filters depending on if you would like to have a balcony, garden, etc. Alongside checking out renting listing sites and doing a “save search,” speaking with rent agents can help and will save you time, assisting you in finding more properties to rent that fit your criteria. 

Many rent agents will speak English so that you won’t have any difficulties with an agent language barrier.

If you want to buy Ericeira Portugal real estate for sale, renting a property can be a good idea so that you can conduct visits in person to ultimately uncover your dream home, whether you are looking for a ground floor apartment, spacious villa, or open plan property.

Ericeira, with its beautiful beaches, offers an enticing lifestyle. If you look for property for sale in Ericeira, you’ll find many options, from modern apartments to spacious villas, providing the opportunity to embrace this beauty permanently. It’s an excellent place to live, boasting a unique coastal charm and a blossoming real estate market.

Yes, foreigners can buy a house in Ericeira. With many properties for sale, from modern apartments to old townhouses, this part of Portugal is an excellent option for expats to consider.

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