Updated: September 27, 2023

Situated in the northwestern side of Portugal, Porto is the second-largest city in the country. Renowned for its port wine, rich history, and architecture, Porto is a city that is deeply rooted in its culture and traditions yet modern in its approach and lifestyle.

So, if you are an expat planning to relocate to Porto with your family, especially your children, it is crucial to find good educational facilities in the area to ensure the best possible learning experiences for your children. In this international school guide, we will take you through Porto neighborhoods close to international schools.

Neighborhoods in Porto with the Best International Schools

There are many international schools in Portugal. In this article, we will detail some popular areas with private international schools in Porto.

Aldoar, Foz do Douro e Nevogilde

Famous for its charming beaches, quirky restaurants, delectable cuisine, fantastic art galleries, and excellent infrastructure, and in particular schools, Aldoar, Foz do Douro e Nevogilde is a great neighborhood for those with children CLIP Oporto International School is one of the top international private schools in the area and follows an outstanding education system to mold students in order to achieve academic excellence. 

In addition to CLIP, the Oporto British School is also located in Aldoar. The school follows a British curriculum and offers education to children between the age of 3-18. Established in 1894, this school is one of the oldest schools in the neighborhood.

Lordelo do Ouro e Massarelos

Populated with hipster coffee shops, great cafes, restaurants, and bars, Lordelo do Ouro e Massarelos is one of the most student-friendly areas in Porto and is among the best neighborhoods in Porto if you are looking for international schools. Lycée Français International de Porto and Deutsche Schule zu Porto are two of the top international schools in the area that provides excellent curriculum options and professional assistance to achieve your children’s learning objectives.


Located just a 45 minute drive from Porto, Braga is renowned for its rich architectural history and culture. CLIB – The Braga International School is the best international school in the area and has an excellent education system that caters to children of both Portuguese and international communities. Established in 1999, the school provides a holistic education and ensures the professional development of all students. Access to an international school makes Braga a great location for the expat community to live.

If you are considering Braga, you can consult this article: Braga Portugal Real Estate: Luxury in the North.

Frequently Asked Questions About Porto Neighborhoods Close to International Schools

What are the best areas to live in Porto?

The coastal city of Porto has various lively neighborhoods where you can choose to live. Some of the best areas in the city are Ribeira, Cedofeita, Boavista, Vila Nova De Gaia, Sé, Aliados & Bolhao, Aldoar, Foz do Douro e Nevogilde and Lordelo do Ouro e Massarelos

Most expats in the city prefer to live in central Porto. Moreover, since areas like Aldoar, Foz do Douro e Nevogilde, Lordelo do Ouro e Massarelos, and Braga have access to international schools, many expats also choose to settle down there.

Yes, Porto has many international schools. Some of the best include Clip Oporto International School, Oporto British School, Lycée Français International de Porto, and Deutsche Schule zu Porto.