Updated: March 18, 2024

Vilamoura, Portugal, has established itself as a chic, fashionable, and popular location to live in Portugal. Indeed, even the rich and famous have staked their claim in this bustling resort in the Algarve region, where the sun beckons, the sandy beaches invite you to enjoy yet another day in paradise, and there is always some activity to get involved with, should you so desire.

In this article, we’ll dive into what makes Vilamoura such a desirable area in Portugal before running over some practical information you may not be aware of. We will also delve into some of the best things to do in and around Vilamoura.

Why Vilamoura?

portugal vilamouraVilamoura is located in the central Algarve in the Loulé municipality. It is well known in Portugal for its six golf courses, casino, and Vilamoura Marina. Lined with restaurants, cafes, and miles of walking and biking trails to choose from, you are well covered.

This is without mentioning two excellent beaches nearby with golden sands — Praia de Vilamoura (Vilamoura Beach) in the east and Praia da Falésia (Falesia Beach) to the west, plus the many more beaches you’ll find hugging the Algarve Coast in either direction. It is not difficult to see why Vilamoura is so popular with expats. Those who like to shop in style will also be happy with the wide range of options, from authentic, local craft stores to the most prestigious international brands.

For those who come alive in the evenings, there are many nightclubs, bars, and excellent restaurants to choose from. The best DJs also haunt Vilamoura, and the Vilamoura casino offers a thrill for those who are looking for an adrenaline rush.

There are also many activities to choose from, which we’ll run over later in the article – from water sports like scuba diving to yoga and live music, there is something for every taste.

Alongside these factors, arguably the biggest draw is the climate of Vilamoura. Perfect, sunny days and high temperatures await, even in the winter months. Plus, you are conveniently located close to Faro Airport, making international transport easy. Indeed, it is not difficult to see why Vilamoura has fast become a favorite with expats.

Vilamoura Portugal Real Estate

Vilamoura is renowned as a haven for expats from all walks of life. However, you’ll also come across real luxury in this region, with some of the most luxurious properties in Portugal found here.

In this section, we’ll uncover Vilamoura’s real estate secrets, from what you can expect in terms of property prices to the types of properties that you can expect to come across.

GC-ICON-40Property prices

Vilamoura lies in the Loulé municipality, which is one of the more expensive real estate areas in the Algarve. The average asking price for property in Loulé stood at €5,191 per square meter in 2023. If you were to look for property for sale close to Vilamoura Marina or the city center, this would cost you more than buying in a less in-demand area.

GC-ICON-97Property types

You can find many options if you’re interested in Vilamoura, Portugal, real estate, from modern apartments to quaint townhouses. Vilamoura is known for its luxury properties, and for both lifestyle buyers and investors, there are ample opportunities. Bear in mind that luxury properties in Portugal are generally very good value for money. You should be able to find exceptional properties that are significantly cheaper than their equivalents in other Western European countries.

GC-ICON-17Investment potential

vilamoura real estate opportunitiesThe popularity of Vilamoura amongst summer tourists and expats means that the resort is an excellent location to invest in. Should you be looking for property to buy to let, Vilamoura is an excellent option, with the potential to secure a strong return on your investment.

Many tourists choose this city as a base to explore the Algarve. This is because of Vilamoura’s strategic location in the center of the region, plus the fact that you will find all the amenities that you could possibly want, from some of the finest beaches to top-quality restaurants.

Property prices are continuing to increase here. Brick and mortar has always been a safe investment, and should you be looking to invest in a property to sell in the future, you should be able to secure a nice return on your investment.

You can find out more about investing in the Algarve in our article: Algarve Portugal Real Estate: Your Ultimate Guide.

Cost of Living Vilamoura

Can those on a tight budget live here? Yes, it is possible since many Portuguese people reside here and make an average monthly income of between €850 and €1,200. Here is an example of an average monthly budget for a couple living in the Algarve.


Cost in Euros

Rent for two-bedroom, furnished apartment


Utilities (gas and electric) varies greatly




Internet, cable, mobile phones


Maid (three hours, twice per month)




Transportation, gas, diesel


Dining out and entertainment




Keep in mind that the price varies according to your budget, whether you’re living alone or with someone, and whether you live a more modest or luxurious lifestyle.

Health insurance is another expense that can vary substantially depending on factors including age, pre-existing diseases, and the extent of the policy. Frequent eating out, and extensive use of the air conditioner or heater add to a budget because Portugal has quite a high electricity cost.

Lifestyle in Vilamoura

Lifestyle in VilamouraFor people living in Vilamoura, Portugal, there is always something to do. There are many watersport activities that you can try. Or why not take part in yoga classes, where you can get to meet fellow expats. There are also cooking classes and gourmet shops where you can learn about the tricks of the Portuguese kitchen. And, for those who simply want to relax on one of the sun loungers on a stunning beach, there is always this option.

In Vilamoura, Portugal, golf courses are of world-class quality, so avid golfers will have everything they need. Vilamoura boasts six golf courses, all of which host pro golf tournaments throughout the year. There is also an Equestrian Centre that hosts horse show jumping competitions.

With over 300 days of sunshine every year, the Algarve boasts one of the best climates in the world. It is very easy to live an active life. You could use one of the many well-maintained trails to walk, run, or cycle, or head to the Atlantic Ocean to swim, surf, or even try paragliding.

The cuisine is generally very healthy – think fresh fish and seafood, vegetables, and hand-picked fruits. You’ll definitely want to pair the excellent food available with some of Portugal’s top-quality wine. Portugal has one of the best winemaking climates and practices in the world, thanks to the country’s microclimates, soils, and winemaking traditions. After a long day of activity, you might want to slow down and enjoy the sunset with a plate of local produce and a glass of delicious Portuguese wine.

Vilamoura Portugal Real EstateIf you are considering undertaking your lifelong passion for having a vineyard, then you’ll also find several vineyards in Portugal, including some that you can find in the Algarve region.

Vilamoura itself provides buyers with an exquisite taste of real luxury – a grand casino, a large marina, and many outstanding properties to choose from, whichever type of property you are after. Indeed, the rich and famous come to call Vilamoura home, and there are several reasons why Vilamoura is one of the most sought-after parts of Portugal.

Aside from this, you will have outstanding fine-dining experiences. This resort is a place where you can forget about time passing by and just embrace each day as it comes.

If you’re looking for something more budget-friendly, Vilamoura does not disappoint. Choose from a variety of different cuisines, including American fast food, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Swedish, and Thai food. You’ll even find options for different dietary requirements.

Vilamoura, Portugal: Things to Do

Vilamoura has a lot of things to do, and those who reside here year-round can benefit from much from it. Additionally, some of these tourist destinations offer locals discount pricing of up to 50 percent off during the fall months after the majority of visitors have left.

Vilamoura offers a variety of dining options for every price range, from gourmet dining to family-friendly meals. Most restaurants along the Vilamoura Marina are expensive, but if you head a few streets away from the tourist streets, the costs are much lower. If you’re looking for some typical Portuguese food like grilled sardines or bacalhau, a salted cod dish, visit one of the many family-owned restaurants called tascas. These are some of the best restaurants in the area.

If you do not like seafood, try the hot, African-inspired piri piri chicken instead. If you want some plant-based foods, just ask for them in cafes and restaurants, and they will likely offer you a few options. After dinner, some places may provide guests with a complimentary liqueur or cocktail.

Want more activities in Vilamoura, Portugal? Things to do in this area include:

  • Enjoy a day on the water by going to the Vilamoura Marina, renting a jet ski or kayak, going on an adrenaline-pumping speed boat experience, or feeling the sea spray on your face as you take a relaxing boat trip. You can also take a short walk along the marina, perfect to soak up the sun and people watch.
  • You can catch your own dinner by going on fishing trips for a half or full day of deep sea fishing.
  • Join a tour to see the well-known Benagil Caves and partake in dolphin-watching
  • Learn how to bodyboard, surf, or parasail to enjoy the very best of watersports in the Algarve region.
  • Sail on the Condor de Vilamoura, a 34-meter ship with two masts.
  • Explore the influences of the Moors and Romans close by, for example, with the Roman Villa, Cerro da Vila.
  • The Aquashow water park is close to Vilamoura, perfect for a family weekend trip.
  • Check out the fantastic views and dramatic landscapes in Lagos and Sagres, a short drive to the western part of the Algarve.

Other Charming Cities to Consider

The cities of Albufeira, Silves, Alte, and Loulé are close to Vilamoura and are overflowing with Portuguese culture and traditional charm. Each is a popular destination in its own right. Whether you are looking to make a day trip from Vilamoura or are considering relocating to a city or town close by, here is a little information on some of the best options.


Albufeira is the biggest and most vibrant city in the central Algarve. Here, you can walk around the charming old town and enjoy the tiled streets and countless family-friendly cafes. The marina in Albufeira boasts a lively yet peaceful atmosphere where you can enjoy a romantic dinner for two at a reasonable price. If you want to party, go to The Strip, which is filled with cafes, chic bars, and nightclubs where you can dance the evening away.


From the ninth through the twelfth centuries, this city served as the Algarve’s Moorish ancient capital and stronghold. As a reminder of the past, the massive red brick castle towers over the city. Today it is a thriving city of whitewashed homes set on a hillside and encircled by the old wall that served as the castle’s defense. In Silves, many enjoy a stroll through the old town in search of coffee and pastries.


Visit the town of Alte, which some people believe to be the most Algarvian town out there, and travel back in time. The village, which dates to Roman times, is a rainbow of brightly painted homes. Alte’s main attractions are two springs where locals used to meet to wash their clothes in the clear, fresh water. Today, the well-known springs provide a refreshing retreat from the summer heat, or you can have a beverage at a cafe beside the river.


One other Portuguese town to visit, perfect for a day trip, is Loulé. The bustling market town with Arabic influences in the town’s center sells daily food, fish, and handicrafts. On Saturday mornings, locals visit the gypsy market selling a wide range of goods. A visit to the town’s castle is a must for anybody visiting this classic Portuguese town.

The Climate in Vilamoura

Vilamoura has a warm temperature climate, typical of the Mediterranean. The rain falls mostly in the winter, with little rain during the summer months. The hottest month is in July, with an average temperature of 24 Degrees C (75 Degrees F), and the coldest is January, with an average temperature of 12 Degrees C (54 Degrees F).

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Frequently Asked Questions about Vilamoura, Portugal

Is Vilamoura, Portugal, a good place to live?

Yes, for lifestyle buyers, Vilamoura is excellent, and many expats from all walks of life have come to call Vilamoura home. It is, in many ways, a key focal point of the Algarve. With many exceptional golf courses, watersport activities, and beaches, there is always something to do. You’ll also find some of the best hotels in the Algarve region here. The fine dining scene is excellent, and the Vilamoura Marina and casino are both popular attractions. Key amenities in Vilamoura are within walking distance, plus further afield, Faro Airport is just over an hour away, making international travel incredibly easy.

While the properties in Vilamoura in the Loulé municipality are the most expensive in the Algarve, compared to other Western European countries, properties are often veré good value for money. 

The average asking price for property in the Loulé municipality of the Algarve (in which Vilamoura is located) was €5,191 in 2023.


In Vilamoura, Portugal, the weather is typically sunny and temperate, with more than 300 days of sunshine each year. It is possible to enjoy the outdoors even in the depths of winter. July is the hottest month, with an average temperature of 24 Degrees C (75 Degrees F), and January is the coldest month, with an average temperature of 12 Degrees C (54 Degrees F).

Even though Vilamoura is pricey by Portuguese standards, the cost of living is greatly affected by the people’s lifestyle. Budget-conscious people might opt to look for cheaper property outside of town, select smaller homes, or avoid eating out frequently.

If you buy outside the city center, you will find that property prices drop considerably.

Vilamoura lies at the heart of the Algarve and is a great destination if you’re seeking something entertaining to do. You’ll never get bored with Vilamoura’s gorgeous beach areas, fantastic shopping, and traditional markets. You can also choose from going to a water park or heading on a fascinating day trip to places like Faro and the town of Loulé.

Faro Airport makes it easy to fit a weekend abroad into your international trips.

Vilamoura is one of the most well-known and largest single European tourist complexes since it has six golf courses, including the renowned Old Course, a lawn bowling club with two grass greens, a tennis center, a sports club, a shooting club, some of the best hotels, vacation rentals, self-catering villas, nightclubs, an international casino featuring dinnertime shows which also hosts the PokerStars Solverde Poker Season, a top-notch riding school, and plenty of other attractions. The Don Pedro Victoria Golf Course is also a top-quality course. 

The Vilamoura Marina, the largest marina in Portugal, is the main hub of entertainment for those who visit Vilamoura. It is an award winning marina, having gained a five Gold Anchor Platinum accreditation. Many visitors opt to go on boat tours, shop for international brands, and enjoy the many dining options, all within walking distance. 

Vilamoura is also known for its stunning beaches. Praia de Vilamoura (Vilamoura Beach) and Praia da Marina (Marina Beach) are particularly lovely.

Yes, it is. Vilamoura is well-known for its nightlife. If you are looking for popular hotels, you will also find some of the best hotels and resorts in this part of the Algarve, such as Dom Pedro Portobelo, the Portugal Hilton Vilamoura Golf and Spa Resort,  and the Tivoli Marina Vilamoura Resort. 

Yes, Vilamoura is safe. Some helpful tips for you are to not visit the beach after sunset and to be sensible with your belongings like you would anywhere else in the world.

There is plenty to see when you visit Vilamoura, making it a great holiday destination. This includes:

  • Vilamoura Marina
  • Museu de Cerro da Vila
  • Casino Vilamoura
  • Aquashow Park
  • Albufeira Nightlife – The Strip, Kadoc, and Kiss
  • Sail on the Condor de Vilamoura, a 34-meter ship with two masts
  • Soak up the natural beauty of the Algarve Coast and enjoy the golden sand at the sandy beaches. Two beaches that come to mind are Praia da Falésia (Falésia Beach) and Praia de Vilamoura (Vilamoura Beach), both excellent options, although there are many other beaches to explore in the area. 

Explore Vilamoura Marina, the largest marina in Portugal, and you’ll find plenty to see and do close by. If you are looking to play golf at a world-class golf course, you’ll find many in the region, such as the Don Pedro Victoria Golf Course and the Old Course. You can also go on boat trips, go deep sea fishing, or enjoy a wide range of watersport activities. 

Vilamoura is also somewhat of a market town, whereby on Saturday morning, you can score fresh produce at the Farmer’s Market.

Regarding properties for sale in Vilamoura and Quarteira, you will find many different property types, from spacious, modern apartments to beach houses with stunning ocean views. You will also come across repossessed property for sale in Vilamoura that could be a good option.

A basic search for “property for sale Vilamoura Marina” or “apartment for sale Vilamoura Marina” will provide you with a general overview of the real estate market in Vilamoura. Following this, you can work with a buyer’s agent who can assist you throughout the process, from finding your dream property to negotiating the best price possible.