Updated: March 5, 2024


Navigating the intricacies of buying property is a struggle. Even in your own country, where you are familiar with the language, perhaps more accustomed to the real estate market and the processes involved and may be able to tap into your own insights on which locations you should consider.

Buying property in another country is a whole other ball game, and having a helping hand, not just at the start but throughout the process, can be invaluable in a successful property purchase.

The Allure of Portugal

vila nova de gaia real estate opportunitiesPortugal has long been a well-known tourist destination, with 2023 registering record numbers of tourists flocking to the country, but it has quickly become a favorite amongst expats looking to relocate. The high quality of life, affordability, progressive legislation, and safety, alongside the backdrop of a winning climate, stunning landscapes, and unique cities, make Portugal an attractive location.

Greg S. first visited Portugal at the beginning of January 2020 with his husband, a decision that profoundly impacted their lives. Portugal’s stunning landscapes, warm culture, and delightful climate captivated them from the outset, with the cities of Porto and Lisbon deepening their infatuation with the country, with them particularly noting how the vibrant energy of Lisbon particularly resonated with them.

Parallels between California, where Greg S. and his husband hail from, were striking, from the breathtaking beaches to the laid-back ambiance and even the Ponte de Abril Bridge in Lisbon reminiscent of the Golden Gate Bridge in California.

What is a buyer’s agent?

Buyer’s agents are real estate professionals who work solely on behalf of the buyer, helping them navigate the property buying process, negotiate the best offer, and ultimately secure their ideal property, while saving the buyer time and money.

There are many reasons to consider working with a buyer’s agent. For one, while real estate agents will work on behalf of the seller and will secure a higher commission for a higher sale, a buyer’s agent works solely on behalf of the buyer, ensuring that your interests are protected.

Buyer’s agent will also have access to new listings and properties not found elsewhere on the market.

Why work with a buyer’s agent?

portugal real estateBuying property in any country can be tricky, and ensuring you have the most up-to-date or relevant real estate data is crucial to a successful property purchase. More than this, you’ll be looking to find a property that matches your exact requirements and that is, in many ways, tailored perfectly to you. You’ll also want to ensure that you get the best price possible for the property.

For Greg S., the potential language barriers, unfamiliarity with local real estate laws and processes, and the necessity of establishing local connections were the most prominent concerns. Each of these reasons led them to seek expert advice.

“Upon being referred to Goldcrest by friends, we were immediately reassured by the sense of trust and professionalism that permeated their approach. The Goldcrest team facilitated a seamless and transparent home-buying process, alleviating our concerns and ensuring an exceptional experience. While it’s true that patience is a virtue in Portugal, and things may move at a more relaxed pace, this is precisely what we cherish about the country.” 

For further information on how a real estate professional can help you facilitate the process of buying property in Portugal, check out our article: English Speaking Realtor Portugal: Secure Your Dream Home.

Goldcrest: Your Buyer’s Agent in Portugal

As the first buyer’s agent in Portugal, at Goldcrest, we pride ourselves on guiding you throughout the entire process, from sourcing to negotiation and acquisition, and including aftercare services. We ensure that we have a complete understanding of the client’s needs, with the acute awareness that no two clients are the same, to ensure we find the best property out there. We also have access to a range of reliable services, such as surveyors, lawyers, accountants, interior designers, and accountants that we can introduce you to.

As Greg S. concludes: “The advantages of engaging a buyer’s agent proved invaluable, as Goldcrest’s expertise, local knowledge, adept navigation of language and cultural disparities, access to off-market properties, and adept negotiation skills all contributed to securing the best terms for our purchase. In conclusion, our experience with Goldcrest was overwhelmingly positive, and we wholeheartedly encourage anyone considering a move to Portugal to enlist the services of their exceptional team.”