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For centuries, Portugal’s seafarers have sailed and departed the marinas and ports along its coastline. Historically, Portuguese seamen were the first of Europeans to reach Brazil and the far East. Most of the country is actually coastline from the North to South of Portugal. It’s no surprise then that yacht marinas in Portugal today are plentiful and of a high standard.

Portugal’s yacht marinas

The pastime of Portuguese sailors as well as the warm and sunny climates means that mooring in a harbor in Portugal is not difficult. Yacht marinas in Portugal are safe, have a high quality of water, and are managed in an exemplary way. Many of these harbors have even achieved European Blue Flag Status, meaning they are certified for their excellence in safety and water management. At any basic yacht marina, you can expect to find Wifi, medical services, repair services, drinking water, and provisions.

Why invest in a yacht in Portugal?

If you are considering luxury real estate in Lisbon or the Algarve, why not think about a yacht? In Portugal, the year-round sunshine lends itself to cruising the coastline on a boat. With something for everyone, be it watersports, a glass of champagne or exploring remote beaches – buying a yacht in Portugal is sure to keep the whole family happy.

Mooring costs in Portugal are not among the astronomically priced ports of Europe such as Capri, Portofino, Cannes, and Ibiza but have high standards and natural beauty to compare.

Where are the best yacht marinas in Portugal?

In general, the most popular ports in Portugal are Vilamoura, Lagos, and Cascais. At a marina in Portugal, you’ll be able to park a boat, get a servicing if necessary and refuel the engine. Some of the bigger marinas sell yacht provisions and everything you’ll need onboard. At Cascais harbor, you even have the option to arrive in style at the marina’s helipad.

Marinas tend to be a hub of social activity too, with great restaurants and bars on the water-edge where you can stop to indulge in a special dinner. A yacht marina in Portugal is the best place you can be for boat watching, or indeed luxury sports and vintage car spotting too.  

Marina of Vilamoura

The largest marina in Portugal and voted the best on numerous occasions, Vilamoura is the top pick for many people looking to purchase and moor a yacht in Portugal. Vilamoura itself is a great place for leisure too. There are excellent golf courses, equestrian facilities, and plenty of both water and land-based sports. For luxury real estate in the Algarve, Vilamoura is a top pick in Portugal.

Marina of Albufeira

As one of the smaller marinas in Portugal, Albufeira’s harbor has a somewhat modest offering. If you are looking to buy a smaller yacht or a motorboat, then this marina might be a good cost-efficient option for you.

Marina of Lagos

The marina of Lagos located at the bay of Lagos has a great mix of beautiful beaches nearby and great facilities. Shopping, eating out, and sleeping at the marina club hotel are all popular things to do at Lagos marina. The marina has birthing capacities for yachts up to 30 meters long. There is also a farmer’s market on Saturdays across the birthing bridge. Lagos is home to some of Portugal’s luxury real estate too.

Marina of Cascais

At Cascais marina, the main basin has birthing for yachts up to 25 meters long. In the outer basin, Cascais Marina has a Super Yacht Quay too, exclusively reserved for yachts measuring over 36 meters. The pontoon is only available by prior reservation. The bay at Cascais has stunning beaches and top restaurants nearby so docking here will not disappoint. The main services of the marina include hull cleaning, dry docking, and a jet ski package.

Marina of Portimão

Portimão Marina is in the Faro district and is surrounded by some of Portugal’s most beautiful beaches. The marina itself has a birthing capacity for yachts of up to 50 meters long and is the safest harbor in Portugal. There are good options for hotels, restaurants, and bars nearby as well as the opportunity for scuba diving, sky diving, and off-road motorbike tours.

Marina of Olhão

A small marina for boats up to 15 meters in size. The marina itself is well-shielded and close to the quaint town center where great restaurants and markets can be found. The nearby hotel Real Marina offers a day pass to sailors to use the spa.

Marina of Douro

In Porto, one of the biggest and newest marinas in the Douro marina. With birthing space for boats up to 50 meters long and a lot to offer on the sport, leisure, and tourism front, the Douro marina is a great option for mooring in Porto.

Other yacht marinas on the Portuguese coastline to consider:

  • Azores
  • Madeira

Is it a good idea to buy property near a marina?

In general, property near a marina will be a great investment to make as there is an instant value added to property located in the vicinity of a marina. If you would like to buy a yacht, then having property near the marina would also be a logical step. Considering that marinas tend to be a hub of activity and great places to eat and drink, buying property to live in near a marina is also a good idea from the standpoint of leisure and entertainment.

Marinas are also a great option to establish a community as an expat, by joining the yacht club there is usually a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and be welcomed into a local group.

Where can I find a property to buy near a marina?

Finding the right luxury property near a marina can be difficult as it’s a competitive pocket of property in Portugal. We recommend visiting different areas of Portugal to get a feel for which parts of the country you are drawn to.

Seeking the advice of trusted professionals in the real estate profession is one way you can achieve a more targeted search too. Using a buyer’s agent for example will allow you to access a wide range of opportunities on and off the market. Buyers agents will also ensure you get the right price for the real estate.

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Frequently asked questions about yacht marinas in Portugal

Which are the best yacht marinas in Portugal?

The biggest and most popular marinas in Portugal are Vilamoura, Lagos and Cascais.

Best places to find luxury real estate Algarve Portugal?

To find luxury real estate in the Algarve, use a buyer’s agent in Portugal that is trusted and reputable.

How to find luxury real estate Lisbon Portugal?

To find luxury real estate in Lisbon, use a buyer’s agent in Portugal that is trusted and reputable.

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