Known as the ‘Venice of Portugal’, Aveiro is spectacular. The canals flow through the city, with colorful Moliceiro boats gliding through their waters, the mouthwatering bakeries beckon and the relaxed pace of life is cause for anybody to want to stay in this charming town. Aveiro Portugal real estate is not as popular as in some other locations. However, owning a property in this historic town is a very smart investment. 

In this article, we’ll delve into why Aveiro could be the perfect place in Portugal for you. Following this, we’ll run over property prices and investment opportunities, before focusing on the history of the city and the current lifestyle in Aveiro – especially in relation to what you can expect from living in this charming city. 

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What makes Aveiro so special?

Picture a Portuguese Venice, without the ever-present crowds, and you are halfway to Aveiro. Aveiro is Portugal’s hidden gem, with winding canals, spectacular food, and the Atlantic Ocean at your doorstep. 

For history lovers, Aveiro is a special place. The Cathedral of Aveiro, built in the Portuguese baroque style, was founded in 1423 and is a beautiful centerpiece of the city. The humble exterior is contrasted with the artistic interior. The Igreja da Misericórdia, close at hand, is plastered with exquisite blue and white azulejos (tiles) that will make you fully appreciate the Portuguese love of tiles – ever-present across the country.

The streets themselves are also captivating. With cobblestone roads, the typical Portuguese red roofs, and quaint balconies overspilling with colorful flowers, you are surrounded by fabulous architecture – both historical and modern architecture, making a pleasant contrast. With Art-Nouveau architecture, there is a majestic feel to the city, with decadent buildings scattered, seemingly at random, across the city. Stop to admire this style on the main Doutor Lourenço Peixinho street. 

Indeed, Aveiro is a very special city. Unique in many ways given its location – its proximity to the ocean, closeness to the historic and picturesque cities of Porto and Coimbra, and its own individual flair. Many people have visited Portugal and been enthralled by the beauty of Lisbon, Porto, Braga, and the likes, but Aveiro stands out to them as a truly spectacular place. 


Aveiro Portugal real estate

Aveiro Portugal real estate is very attractive for homebuyers and investors. In 2020, the average asking price for a villa in Aveiro was €946/m2. Note that this is the average asking price and, therefore, prices can be above or below this amount. 

Indeed, this is one of the most affordable parts of the country. In the area, you should also be able to find luxury properties. If the property has additional facilities, this will boost up the price. For example, a swimming pool, private gym, and security,

Likewise, the size of the property will also make the property more expensive. Nonetheless, compared to luxury properties in other European cities, Aveiro may well be one of the most affordable. This is because prices in Portugal are generally more affordable than neighboring European countries. 

Prices of luxury real estate will vary completely depending on what you are after. However, you will have many types of property to consider, from country homes to villas, with acres of private land and modern apartments with spectacular views of the city from your balcony. 


History of Aveiro

Human settlements in the region of Aveiro date back to the great dolmens of prehistory. Aveiro derives from the Celtic word “aber”, meaning river-mouth due to the geography of the region. Aveiro was important for the production of salt and commercial trade, from the Romans through to the Middle-Ages.

From the 11th-century, Aveiro became popular with Portuguese royalty. King João requested the construction of fortification walls and in 1435 King Duarte granted the privilege of providing a duty-free fair, the Feira de Março (March Fair) that still lives on today. Around the same time, Princess St. Joana lived in the city, entering the convent of Jesus and spending her life there. During her lifetime, her presence made Aveiro better regarded and instigated developments at the time. 

By the 15th century, Aveiro had a great wall surrounding its historic center, with a strong community and growing population. However, climatic conditions, such as a storm in the winter of 1575 and the subsequent closing of the thriving metal and tile trade, had an adverse effect on the town. The river’s instability over the 16th and 17th centuries resulted in additional problems and dealt considerable blows to the economy, and people emigrated from the city. 

Moving forward to the 19th century, the people of Aveiro were active during the Liberal Wars or Portuguese Civil Wars, and it was José Estêvão Coelho de Magalhãe, a parliament member, who resolved the issue of access the Ria. He is also responsible for improving the transport links, especially the railway line that runs from Porto down to Lisbon. The opening of the artificial canals, now so easy on the eye, marked the beginning of Aveiro’s growth and the ability for the town to expand economically. 


Aveiro Portugal real estate – lifestyle in Aveiro

You have the sea, you have the canals, but you also have a peaceful garden to while away time. Aveiro is a city where you have nature all around you. The largest green space is Jardim do Rosso, at the end of the main Doutor Lourenço Peixinho street. Enjoy the views of the canals and breathe in the sea breeze. Another favorite is Parque de Santa Joana, with shady trees where you can relax and watch the people pass by. 

It is very easy to live an active life in Aveiro. While the weather can get a little colder than in the south of the country, you should be able to enjoy the great outdoors for most of the year. For keen golfers, there are top golf courses nearby. You can also try surfing and other water sport activities, with the waves rolling in from the Atlantic. 

Portuguese cuisine is vibrant, exciting, and fresh, with a focus on fine ingredients. In Aveiro, there are several brilliant family-owned tascas (typical Portuguese eateries). Those looking for something a little more special will be pleased to know that there are also several fine dining options in Aveiro and also in Porto, a short drive away. This includes a few Michelin-starred restaurants. 

You have the open-air Forum modern shopping mall, with over 70 stores, a large selection of food choices and a cinema. Indeed, there are many different ways to fill your time, whatever your interests. 

The surrounding countryside provides you with peace, tranquility, and incredible landscapes. Enjoying a rich Douro wine from the comfort of your country home, and with views stretching into the distance, life must feel pretty complete.


Climate in Aveiro

With a Meditteranean climate, daily averages in the summer months are around 75 °F (24 °C). While the winters are generally mild, at an average of 57 °F (14 °C), the temperature can drop below 50 °F (10 °C) in colder spells. 

Frequently asked questions about Aveiro Portugal real estate:

1. Is Aveiro Portugal real estate a good investment?

Yes, Aveiro Portugal real estate is a good investment, with very good properties available at an affordable price. 

2. Is Aveiro a good place to retire to?

Aveiro offers a relaxed way of life. For retirees, Portugal has significant tax benefits – the NHR scheme – and Aveiro offers retirees a top cuisine, very good nearby healthcare, and many activities to stay active. 

3. Is it easy for a foreigner to buy a property in Portugal?

Yes, it is relatively easy to buy a property in Portugal and there are no restrictions for a foreigner to buy property here. As with buying a property in any county, the process can be arduous at times, which is why it is recommended to have a buyer’s agent, such as Goldcrest, that can assist you with the process. 

Our new E-Book, Your Expert Guide to Buying Property in Portugal also provides you with everything that you will need – including an easy six-step rundown-to buying a property in Portugal.

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