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Houses for Sale in Lagos, Portugal

Situated on the coastline of the Western Algarve, Lagos is a fascinating gem to explore. The historic city has a rich seafaring heritage, stunning beaches, and an authentic Portuguese charm that it has maintained over the years. If you’d love to own a home in one of the most popular tourist destinations of southern Portugal, keep reading to find out more about houses for sale in Lagos.

Being an extremely popular tourist destination, it’s easy to believe that Lagos has it all. From unique rock formations, sparkling turquoise waters, and top-quality beach resorts to the fantastic climate and mix of fine dining and family-owned restaurants offering delectable food, Lagos offers something for everyone.


In Lagos, island life is made possible thanks to the magnificent beaches and laidback atmosphere. Living here also makes it easy to enjoy an active lifestyle. The city can be explored on foot, thanks to its compact nature, allowing you to really immerse yourself in its authentic charm. If you’re itching to get in the water, you can spend your days surfing, kayaking, or exploring the sea on boat tours. If you prefer to stay dry, you can visit one of the city’s many excellent golfing locations.

No matter your preferences, purchasing a wonderful property for sale in Lagos will take you one step closer to enjoying your best life. 

Types of Houses Available for Sale

With the help of a real estate agent in Lagos you will find plenty of different options when looking for houses for sale. The average asking price per square meter for a property here was €4,476 in 2023. However, the cost of homes in Lagos will vary based on a number of factors, including location, size, amenities (such as en suite bathrooms), and whether they are new properties or old. Algarve real estate has something for every buyer profile, and Lagos is no different. What follows is a list of some of the types of property for sale in Lagos.



apartment-houses-for-sale-in-lagos-island-styleApartments are a popular choice for buyers in Lagos, both for long-term and short-term stays. Plenty of the apartment complexes in the city have swimming pools and gardens, allowing you to experience some of the benefits of a larger property combined with the ease of living in an apartment. 

The average price of an apartment in Lagos can vary greatly, depending on what you are looking for. As an example, it is possible to find a three-bedroom 91 square meter apartment for around €70,000.



townhouse-houses-for-sale-in-lagos-menu-propertyTownhouses are a great alternative to apartments and villas. Their internal spaces are similar to that of villas, but they generally do not include gardens or swimming pools. However, some townhouses share communal spaces that can include these.

A detached or semi-detached house for sale in Lagos could be an option if you’re looking for a property with a bit of privacy while still having access to things like office spaces, en suite bathrooms, or garden spaces.

Thanks to the great variety of property for sale, it is possible to find cheap houses, fully serviced houses with a pool or sea view, and luxury properties near commercial spaces for easy access to shops, restaurants, and entertainment.



villa-in-lagosSpacious holiday homes, often with a garden and/or swimming pool, villas are ideal for families. Different villa types include luxury, contemporary, traditional, and basic, offering fantastic getaways to the coast and countryside.

The cost of a villa in Lagos, Portugal, will depend on the property type and where it is located. For example, you could find a two-bedroom 53-square-meter villa for €120,000.

The data in this article is taken from Idealista.



resort-in-lagosResorts in Lagos, Portugal, are often found as part of a golfing or leisure complex. These properties are viewed as great investment opportunities for many and offer a serene environment for inhabitants. You’ll be able to find resorts inland and along the coast catering to different requirements.

If you are looking to invest in a house for sale, know that Portugal has seen good property appreciation over the years, with house prices rising as the market has remained strong.

As you can see, there are various options to choose from when looking for a house for sale in the beautiful city of Lagos. You may find it helpful to enlist the services of real estate agents or buyer’s agents to help you with your property search. They are experts in the Portuguese market and have access to the latest properties and property listings that may not be available to the public.

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If you want to get an idea of the properties available before contacting an agent, you may wonder how. Many property websites list new properties, commercial properties, cheap properties, and more that are available to purchase in Lagos. Subscribe to receive information about these listings to stay up-to-date on the latest news and to help familiarize yourself with Portugal’s real estate market.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Houses for Sale in Lagos

The cost of a house for sale is influenced by many factors, including size. According to online luxury marketplaces, the largest property for sale in Lagos is land 409,450 square meters in size. The property is available for purchase at €926,460.

The cost of a house for sale in Portugal can be influenced by factors such as size and location. According to online luxury marketplaces, the most expensive property for sale in Lagos is a farm listed for €20,382,120.