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alfama lisbon housesBuying property in Portugal has become increasingly popular in recent years. A growing number of expats and foreigner investors are interested in investing in a unique property where they can enjoy the natural beauty, stunning landscapes, and high-quality lifestyle this Western European country offers.

Whether you’re in search of modern comfort in the capital of Lisbon or traditional country living in the heart of the country, you will find that most properties in Portugal are cheaper than in other Western European countries, even farmhouses on stunning landscapes across the country.

In this guide we will explore the types of farmhouses for sale in Portugal, how to find the perfect property for sale in Portugal where you can start your new life, and property prices you can expect to pay.

Exploring the Features Portuguese Farmhouses Offer

Can you imagine yourself in a rural house, enjoying the stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean from a large balcony, overlooking various fruit trees and a private pool? Picture a quaint manor house where the ground floor comprises a large living room, dining room, spacious kitchen with a traditional wood burning stove, and an upper floor with at least three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Farmhouses for sale in Portugal offer a unique opportunity to find your dream house in the country.

Portuguese farmhouses, for the most part, have spacious rooms, a large living area, and quirky interior features with rustic charm. They typically benefit from traditional stone construction, high ceilings, open floor plans, and large windows for natural light. Often the total land area farm consists of the main house and additional outbuildings such as a support house or storage spaces, and you usually get a sizable plot of land with it, meaning you have plenty of outdoor space and a stunning landscape to enjoy on.

Depending on the location of the farm, the main buildings are usually surrounded by lush greenery, vineyards, fields, and acres of land, often with fruit trees, including orange trees. They’re often set in quiet, rural areas and ideal for nature lovers and those who want to enjoy lots of fresh air, embark on an agricultural project, look after animals, or want to renovate or modernize an existing property.

Often, you’ll enjoy stunning panoramic views – some farmhouses are close to the sea, some near cork oaks, and others are found in orchards or vineyards. Apart from some rural tourism and the occasional foreign visitors, especially if you live within an urban perimeter, you can expect farmhouses in quiet areas. Additionally, rural tourism can be a lucrative investment venture for foreign buyers as more tourists are interested in wellness centers and eco-friendly experiences.

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The Types of Farmhouses for Sale in Portugal

In the sections below we will explore the types of Portugal farmhouses for sale and the amenities you can expect to find when buying a property in Portugal.

We will also give you a brief idea of where you can find the perfect country house for sale, from the Northern Portugal regions along the Spanish border to Luz de Tavira in the Algarve region of South Portugal.

Farmhouses on agricultural land

In Portugal, farmhouses nestled amidst sprawling agricultural lands filled with large trees and unmatched scenery can be found in the Alentejo region in south-central and southern Portugal and along the Douro River in and around Porto in the northwest of the country. These properties offer a picturesque blend of natural bounty and rustic charm and  diverse agricultural offerings, including olive groves, vineyards, and orchards of almond and strawberry trees.

The main house, often adorned with traditional Portuguese architecture, is the focal point of the property’s idyllic settings, while expansive storage rooms and areas cater to the demands of agricultural production and wine processing.

Depending on the farm, towering olive and almond trees can dot the landscape, casting soothing shadows over the sprawling expanse. A second building, perhaps designated for administrative purposes or additional storage, often complements the main residence.

Farmhouses on equestrian property

Surrounded by serene landscapes, particularly in the Alentejo, Algarve and Northern Portugal regions, you will discover picturesque farmhouses on equestrian land awaiting discerning buyers. Away from bustling coastal hubs and urban centers, these properties offer a tranquil retreat amidst untouched nature.

Whether you seek a historical manor house, some dating back to the 11th century, or a move-in-ready villa, Portugal offers a variety of equestrian estates. Prices vary depending on the size of the total area, location, and amenities. From affordable starter properties to expansive estates with a storage area, gardens or swimming pools, there’s a farmhouse waiting to match your equestrian dreams.

Investing in Portuguese equestrian estates presents a lucrative opportunity, buoyed by the country’s conducive climate and burgeoning interest in horse-related activities, including breeding and competitions, promising substantial returns for passionate enthusiasts and savvy investors alike.

Farmhouses for sale on land for rural tourism

These rural farmhouses offer an enchanting opportunity for investors in the burgeoning realm of rural tourism. You can find land for sale where you can begin constructing you own project and contribution to the tourism industry or find a picture-perfect two-storey villa boasting two bedrooms and four bathrooms, equipped with modern and luxury amenities like air conditioning, central heating, a tennis court, and solar panels for sustainable living.

With an approved project in place, these charming abodes on large plots promise easy access to authentic agricultural experiences and immersive encounters with local traditions. Whether guests seek to explore the winemaking process or simply unwind amidst great beauty, these properties epitomize the allure of eco-tourism in Portugal’s serene countryside, beckoning with the promise of tranquil retreats and unforgettable memories.

Locations in Portugal where eco-tourism and wellness centers are likely to increase in popularity include the Douro Valley, the Alentejo, and on the Silver Coast. A great example of the growing industry is the boutique hotel, Vermelho, opened by renowned fashion designer Christian Louboutin in Melides.

Farmhouses for sale on vineyards

From the Douro Valler to the Alentejo region, you will discover the charm of owning a slice of Portugal’s viticultural heritage. Throughout Portugal’s renowned wine regions, these farmhouses nestled on vineyards present an enticing opportunity for investment in the country’s thriving wine production industry.

With Portugal’s strong association with winemaking and the high demand for vineyards, purchasing one promises a potentially lucrative venture in the long term. While initial profit may take years to realize, the allure of owning a vineyard, like Sir Cliff Richard’s Algarve estate, remains undeniable. Whether seeking a modest farmyard or a fully equipped vineyard, options abound, with properties ranging from €400,000 to €1 million.

How much are farmhouses in Portugal?

Energy-costsPrices for farmhouses in Portugal vary depending on the location, size, and condition and can range from a few hundred thousand euros to several million euros. Lots of house types, from smaller renovation projects and farms in cheaper areas of Portugal to bigger and more exclusive farms with larger plots of land, are available.

Prices for properties will also depend on whether you’re after a country house that is completely renovated and in contemporary style, maybe has a swimming pool, or tennis court and air conditioning throughout the main house. If you are after panoramic views, a natural park or rather a paradisical area with a private beach.

To give you an idea, a three-bedroom villa, a renovation project, with 2500 ㎡ of land in Espinhal, near Coimbra, will cost you €130,000 ($141,000), whereas a five-bedroom farmhouse in Sesimbra with 286 ㎡ of land will cost €448,000 ($487,000).

At the higher end, a four-bedroom luxury farmhouse with 2.5 ha of land in Oliveira do Hospital will cost you around €950,000 ($1,290,100).

The location will also impact the cost price, so make sure you have an idea of the budget and location when searching for your dream home. For example, farmhouses in Castelo Branco, Portugal, are generally very affordable.Equally, you will find lower prices in central Portugal, whereas the Lisbon Coast will be more expensive.

North Portugal is more affordable when buying property, and you can expect to pay more if you buy property in the south, for example, in the Algarve region.

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Are there any restrictions to buying farmhouses and land for foreigners?

There are no restrictions that prevent foreigners from buying farmhouses for sale in Portugal. As a foreigner, buying property is straightforward, given you follow all the rules and regulations that come with buying real estate. We advise you to do thorough research and employ the help of a reputable Portuguese lawyer to help you throughout the process of finding your new home.

Finding Your Ideal Farmhouse in Portugal

finding-property-for-sale-in-portugalIt may take some time  to find your dream farmhouse in Portugal, but your starting point should be determining your financial budget – how much are you willing to pay? You can get an idea of farmhouses currently for sale on Portuguese property websites, and you should also get in touch with experienced property and or estate agents to assist you with your search.

You should also make a list of your requirements for the property you are interested in buying, whether you want to purchase land or a farm with a house or villa. Ensure you list the amenities you need. Check if the villa consists of a main house with spacious land and amenities like a swimming pool and a winter garden, or if the traditional dream home you are eyeing comes with a fully equipped kitchen on a large plot offering ample space to plant olive trees. Should you be looking to produce your own wine, check out prospective areas where you can get started with your vineyard.

It is worth having an experienced estate agent on your side or an impartial buyer’s agent on your side, such as Goldcrest, who can help you secure the best properties suited for you and help you with the buying process. Goldcrest also has exclusive access to new listings that you will not find elsewhere on the market.

For more in-depth information, consult our guide on the Best Places to Find Farms for Sale in Portugal. If the sound of equestrian property appeals to you, our article on Top Areas to Buy Equestrian Property in Portugal will give you a comprehensive overview.

Goldcrest: How We Can Help You

Goldcrest is a buyer’s agent based in Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve. Equipped with local knowledge, exclusive networks, and international experience, we provide expert, impartial advice on real estate investments and how to buy property in Portugal. From scouting out the perfect property to property acquisition and beyond, we have you covered throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions about Farmhouses for Sale in Portugal

The cost of a farmhouse depends on its location, size, and condition. Prices can start from under €250,000, but multi-million properties are also available.

Foreign buyers must obtain a Portuguese NIF number, which is the tax number required for all financial transactions made in the country. It is also recommended that you open a Portuguese bank account and work with a real estate lawyer in Portugal. A real estate lawyer will help you ensure the property’s legality, tax compliance, and provide the required documents to facilitate the purchase.

You can find farmhouses for sale by visiting Portuguese property websites or working with an experienced buyer’s agent like Goldcrest or real estate agents.

There are no restrictions to for foreigners buying farmhouses for sale in Portugal. Foreigners have the same rights as Portuguese nationals when it comes to buying and owning property, including land and farms.

Farmhouses for sale in Portugal include villas, traditional houses with spacious landscapes and modern homes found on agricultural and equestrian land as well as property for eco-tourism.

You can assess the value of a farmhouse by setting up an in person viewing and enlisting the help of a reliable property surveyor. You can also look at factors such as the farm’s proximity to urban centers with schools and shopping centers, accessibility to transport, and development potential.

Below we have listed the basic steps involved in acquiring farmhouses for sale in Portugal: 

  • Step 1: Secure financing for the property 
  • Step 2: Find the perfect property 
  • Step 3: Make an offer 
  • Step 4: Sign the Promissory Contract (CPCV)
  • Step 5: Sign the Escritura or Final Deed

Yes, foreign buyers and investors can get a mortgage from Portuguese financial providers to buy farmhouses for sale in Portugal with the help of an independent mortgage broker.

There are property taxes you will need to pay at the time of purchase and annually. Additionally, the tax will depend on the price of the property, the type of the property (rural or urban), and the location (continental Portugal, autonomous regions). During the process, taxes include Property Purchase Tax (IMT) and Stamp Duty, while taxes that you will be required to pay annually include Municipal Property Tax (IMI). Our article, Property Taxes in Portugal 2024: An Overview, provides more detail on this.

A Portugal real estate lawyer can assist you with this by helping you understand Portuguese zoning laws that can dictate how land can be used and doing background checks on the property as part of their due diligence services.