Updated: April 2, 2024

Madeira is a beautiful Portuguese archipelago consisting of four islands. The region enjoys limitless sunny days, green and rugged vegetation, picturesque landscapes, and rich natural resources. Moreover, the region is famous for its wine, restaurants, attractive property, and international schools. All these factors make Madeira an ideal place for expats to live, work, and study. In this article, we will guide you through the international schools in Madeira, their curricula, the language of instruction, annual fees, and more.

International Education in Madeira

This section will highlight the various international schools in Madeira.

The International School of Madeira

The International School of Madeira is bilingual and follows a British and Portuguese curriculum. Established in 2005, the school ensures that it devotes the same amount of time to teaching all subjects in both English and Portuguese. The school prioritizes building a community-oriented environment for all students — the annual fees for this school range from €2,750 to €3,300. This school is suitable for children aged between 3 and 10 years old.

Contact Details:

Address – Calçada do Pico 5, 9000-206 Funchal – Madeira

Telephone – (+351) 291 129 900; Email – [email protected]

Website – ismadeira.com

International Sharing School - Madeira

International Sharing School Madeira follows an International Baccalaureate framework and a multilingual approach. The school nurtures an innovative, modern, and cutting-edge ecosystem to empower and enable students to reach their fullest potential. With highly-qualified teachers working towards building a supportive, caring, and learning environment, this school is one of the best international schools on the island. Children aged 3 to 16 can attend the school, and International Sharing School Madeira fees range from €4,950 to €10,945.

Contact Details:

Address – Caminho dos Saltos, n.º 6, 9050-219, Funchal – Madeira

Telephone (+351) 291 773 218; Email- [email protected]

Website – sharingschool.org

Frequently Asked Questions About International Schools in Madeira

How many international schools are present in Madeira?

There are two international schools in Madeira – The International School of Madeira and International Sharing School – Madeira.

The annual fees for international schools in Madeira range between €2,750 to €10,945.

Although European Portuguese is primarily spoken on the island, English is also used widely across Madeira.

International schools provide a global education to students and allow them to flourish academically and hone their extracurricular activities simultaneously. International schools are great for foreigners living outside their home country but looking to provide a holistic education for their children.

Compared to its European counterparts, Portugal is relatively affordable. The cost of living, healthcare, and education tend to be cheaper than in other European countries.