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More than ever before, expats and foreign buyers from all over the world are setting their sights on Portugal, and with good reason. From the sublime climate, high quality of life, and diverse locations to settle down in, the country has lots to offer. Plus, because of Portugal’s booming real estate market, foreign interest in this Western European gem is steadily increasing.

However, it can be difficult to find the perfect property, particularly if you are unfamiliar with Portugal’s property buying process and do not speak Portuguese. In this Property Finder Portugal guide, we delve into why having a professional with Portuguese real estate market experience to advise and guide you through the process will be of great benefit.

Whether you’re a young professional looking for an apartment, a retiree in search of a holiday home on the coast, or a foreign investor in search of the best possible investment opportunity, it is best to work with committed Portuguese real estate specialists who will help you secure your ideal property and guide you through the process.

How to Find Property in Portugal

Property Finder in PortugalThe first step to buying property in any country is research. You will need to have an idea of the property type you are looking for, whether it’s an apartment, house, villa, etc., and pinpoint the location best suited to your lifestyle for residence or investment.

Consider whether you want to purchase a house in the heart of a vibrant city, on the Silver Coast on the Atlantic Ocean, where you’ll be able to enjoy sweeping river views or invest in a Lisbon property for rental income.

Portugal has a fragmented property market, which means there is no single place or site to find all the available land, houses, apartments, villas, or Portugal luxury real estate. You can begin your search by doing some basic research into property prices, types of properties available, and to get an overview of the country’s most desirable areas.

However, for more in-depth knowledge and assistance in understanding and navigating the purchase process, you should contact an English-speaking realtor in Portugal. An even better place to begin your search is acquiring the services of a property finder like a buyer’s agent. Equipped with the knowledge to offer great impartial advice and with a focus solely on the needs of the buyer, Goldcrest has helped hundreds of clients successfully manage their property investment journey, securing their ideal property at the best price possible.

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Main Real Estate Areas in Portugal

Working with an experienced property finder in Portugal, such as a buyer’s agent, can be a godsend to ensure that the property buying process runs as smoothly as possible and that you secure your ideal property at the best price possible. Make sure that they have an excellent understanding of the Portuguese real estate market and the different areas that you should consider buying in.

Each buyer will be after something slightly different, so it is a good idea to discuss which part of Portugal is right for you with an experienced professional who has an in-depth knowledge of the Portuguese real estate market. Should you already be focused on a particular city, such as Lisbon, they will also be able to highlight the pros and cons of particular neighborhoods and assist you in refining your search. A property finder’s local knowledge can often be invaluable.

Some of the top locations for buying property in Portugal include:

  • Lisbon
  • Porto and the North
  • The Algarve
  • The Silver Coast
  • The South West of Portugal
  • The Alentejo
  • The Islands: Madeira and the Azores

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Why Work with a Buyer's Agent

Key Considerations to Find Property in PortugalWorking with a buyer’s agent is a smart choice if you are looking to buy a home in Portugal. A buyer’s agent will act as a personal property finder and provide a tailored service for the buyer and will assist the buyer throughout the process, from sourcing the perfect property through to the acquisition phase.

They will also have exclusive access to properties and new listings not found elsewhere and an extensive selection of potential homes for sale.

While real estate agents work on behalf of the seller and will receive a higher commission for a higher sale, a buyer’s agent works solely on behalf of the buyer, ensuring that your interests are met and that you can secure the best property at the best price.

A buyer’s agent like Goldcrest will also be able to assist property investors with understanding and navigating other expenses related to property acquisition as well as property management services and property set-up.

Key Considerations to Find a Property in Portugal

There are some essentials that you should be aware of when buying property in Portugal, including:

  • Don’t go in blind: Make sure you take time to study the real estate market in Portugal so that you know what to expect
  • Consider a mortgage in Portugal: Look at your capital and income and determine how you will finance the purchase as soon as possible.
  • Get professional assistance: Working with a personal property finder or buyer’s agent can save you time and money and ensure a hassle-free buying experience.

Goldcrest: How We Can Help You

Goldcrest is a buyer’s agent based in Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve. Equipped with local knowledge, exclusive networks, and international experience, we provide expert, impartial advice on real estate investments and how to buy property in Portugal. From scouting out the perfect property to property acquisition and beyond, we have you covered throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions about Property Finders in Portugal

A property finder in Portugal can help you find the perfect property.

Goldcrest, a buyer’s agent in Portugal, has access to properties that you will not find elsewhere on the market and new listings so that you will have a complete overview of available properties. Goldcrest is so much more than a property finder, assisting you with negotiating the best price on your behalf and guiding you through the acquisition process.

Property prices will vary depending on where you want to buy and your budget. A buyer’s agent can provide accurate information and help you plan accordingly.

The finder’s fee refers to the commission paid into the bank account of an intermediary or finder who facilitates a business transaction or introduces parties who eventually engage in a transaction. The finder’s fee is typically a percentage of the total transaction value and is negotiated between the parties involved.

Portugal’s property market is fragmented, and there is no single place to find all the available channels. Therefore, it is a good idea to work with a buyer’s agent who can ensure that you have a complete overview of the market, help you understand property values in Portugal, and provide recommendations on properties matching your requirements.

Yes, foreigners will face no restrictions when buying property in Portugal. However, if you want to remain in Portugal, you will need to ensure that you have a valid residency permit. There are many visa options on the table, such as the Portugal Golden Visa program and D7 Visa. Note that investing in real estate is no longer possible to be eligible for the Portugal Golden Visa.

Portugal has a rich history with many desirable areas to find your dream home. Some of the most popular areas to buy property in Portugal are Lisbon, Porto, the Algarve, and, increasingly, the Southwest of Portugal, with locations such as Comporta and Melides catching the eye of property investors and lifestyle buyers.

Yes, a simple search on your search engine for keywords, such as “property search services Portugal,” “property finders rentals Portugal,” or “property finder Portugal rentals,” will provide you with an overview of prospective property finders who assist in finding the perfect rental property for you.

An online search for “luxury home finder Portugal” will provide you with an overview of the luxury market in Portugal. Following this, we recommend that you speak with local real estate professionals, such as Goldcrest, who will be able to narrow down properties for you to help you secure your dream home.

If you are looking for something in particular, you can rephrase the search, such as with the keywords “luxury rural property finder Portugal” or “historic property Portugal.” You will also find a limited number of palaces and castles for sale in Portugal, perfect for luxury buyers looking for something spectacular.

For investors looking for properties that have strong investment potential, the starting point should be with research. Keywords such as “investment property finder” and “property search services Portugal” will provide you with market data so you can gain knowledge on the property market and the process of searching for properties in the country. Following this, it’s recommended to speak with a buyer’s agent, such as Goldcrest, who will be able to provide you with a range of investment options tailored to your specific needs.

While working with real estate professionals is recommended when searching for properties in the Algarve, a good starting point to get an overview of the market is to do a basic Google search for keywords such as “personal property finder Portugal Algarve,” “Algarve beachfront property Portugal,” “Algarve Portugal holiday home finder,” “Algarve retirement property Portugal” or “property finder Portugal Algarve.”

This will provide you with information on the types of properties available and property prices that match your requirements. Following this, it is advisable to engage with a buyer’s agent, like Goldcrest, who can offer you a variety of investment choices customized to meet your requirements.

It is advisable to collaborate with real estate experts when exploring properties in Lisbon. However, to gain an initial understanding of the market, conducting a simple Lisbon real estate search on Google using terms like “Lisbon property search,” “Lisbon coast real estate for sale,” or “Lisbon Villa finder Portugal” can offer insights into available property types and their respective prices.

There is no single Portugal property database, but rather many different websites to look through; another reason why working with a buyer’s agent can be a plus is that they have access to listings that you will not find elsewhere, including new listings.

The property buyer, real estate agent, or real estate lawyer may request the land registry certificate from the land registry portal online or at the land registry office. To obtain the certificate that contains all the details of the original property owner, you will have to provide the following details:

  • Name and the taxpayer number of the individual or entity that requests the certificate
  • Address, zip code, and locality of the property

You can start the process with research so that you have an idea of the type of property you are looking to purchase and the location best suited to your life or investment. You can also visit luxury property websites like BE Global Properties. The Portuguese property market is fragmented, and there is no one place to find all the property for sale in the country, such as Zillow in the US.

This is why working with an English-speaking realtor or a buyer’s agent like Goldcrest, who can assist you with understanding and navigating the purchase process, is ideal. Although you will have to pay more for their assistance, obtaining these services can be invaluable in the long run and save you money, as they will negotiate the best price for the property on your behalf and warn you of costly pitfalls.

To choose the best property finder in Portugal, research their experience, client reviews, and area expertise. Ensure they understand your requirements and offer personalized services. A good rapport and transparent communication are also crucial for a successful partnership. If you know somebody who has used the services of a real estate agent or buyer’s agent in Portugal, be sure to ask them for advice.

A property finder in Portugal can assist you in finding the perfect property. Goldcrest, a buyer’s agent based in Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve, has access to exclusive properties and new listings, ensuring you get a comprehensive view of the market. They will also assist you through the buying process, ensuring you get the best price possible and guiding you through the actual property purchase.

Yes, property finders in Portugal are worth the investment. They save you time, provide access to exclusive listings, offer expert market knowledge, and negotiate the best deals. Their expertise ensures a smoother transaction and helps you avoid potential pitfalls.


A property finder in Portugal assists by understanding your lifestyle needs and preferences, offering detailed insights into various neighborhoods, and recommending areas that match your criteria. Their local knowledge ensures you find a community that suits your lifestyle and investment goals.

Working with a property finder in Portugal involves an initial consultation to discuss your needs, followed by market research and property shortlisting. They arrange viewings, assist in negotiations, and support you through the legal and financial processes until the purchase is complete.

Using a property finder in Portugal offers benefits like access to exclusive listings, expert market insights, and time-saving convenience. They provide personalized services, handle negotiations, and ensure a smoother buying process, making them a valuable asset compared to searching alone.

Before hiring a property finder in Portugal, ask about their experience, local market knowledge, fee structure, and services provided. Inquire about their success stories, client references, and how they handle negotiations and legal processes to ensure they meet your needs and expectations.