Portugal matches today’s definition of luxury: authenticity, innovation, and creativity. This is especially true with regards to the investment possibilities in the low-density areas of the country. Investors and the media never tire of “discovering” this part of Portugal that surprises visitors — the off-the-beaten part of the country that provides ample opportunities to invest in property. Indeed, there’s a broad range of opportunities on offer in Portugal’s low-density areas, with more and more investors scrambling to tap into this wealth of opportunity. Why invest in Portugal’s low-density area? This guide walks you through how to invest in low-density areas.

One of the easier options to get Portugal’s Golden Visa

The Portuguese Golden Visa Program for residence by investment is considered one of the best in the world. 

The program grants a temporary residence permit for non-EU citizens that intend to invest in Portugal.

Property investment options include

Option 1

The acquisition of real estate with a minimum value of €500.000 (reduced to €400K if located in low-density areas)

Option 2

€350K real estate investment in a rehabilitation project (reduced to €280K if located in a low-density area)

Option 3

€350K investment in a private equity fund (you can pick to invest in the real estate sector)

Benefits of the Portugal Golden Visa

Once the temporary permit is granted, investors may:

Real estate investment in Portugal’s low-density areas

For a basic investment of at least €280.000, investors can purchase a property in a low-density area in Portugal and obtain all the benefits of an EU residency through the Golden Visa.

The investment should be focused on a rehabilitation and restoration project. The property must be over 30 years old or located in a rehabilitation area.


What are classified as low-density areas?

The €280.000 option to get the Portuguese Golden Visa is only available for low-density area projects. Even though there is not a unique legal classification for the concept of low-density territory, some criteria were developed, centered on population density and per capita income.

The region’s population is the main factor that characterizes an area as low-density. These low-density areas have less than 100 inhabitants per 1000 square meters. The gross domestic product per capita is another factor to qualify an area as low-density. The GDP of the said area should be 75% below the average.

Low-density areas include the interior regions in Portugal, except for coastal areas south of the River Lima and North of the River Sado. Madeira and Azores are also excluded.

Advantages of investing in low-density areas

The €280.000 option is very attractive due to:

Best low-density areas to invest in

Peneda-Gerês, the Douro Valley, and Alentejo are pristine areas popular with tourists.

Gerês is one of the favorite regions for investors due to its dense and wonderful Peneda Gerês National Park. It is an incredible place. The famous waterfalls are paradisiacal and a rarity in Europe.

Classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCsouth, the Douro Region is one of the most acclaimed areas in the world due to its untouched natural landscapes.

Just south of Lisbon lies Comporta, a region famous for having recently experienced property market growth. Many international buyers are setting their sights here.

Get in touch

If you have found your dream property in Portugal, seek help from a specialized property investment firm such as Goldcrest. Experienced professionals guarantee purchase advantages, and work through the requirements, hidden costs, and fine print smoothly and efficiently.

Contact the Goldcrest team to access exclusive information on the property market in Portugal and find out how much you can save on your international investment.

Frequently asked questions about low-density areas in Portugal

What are the low-density areas I can invest in?

The low-density areas of Golden Visa Portugal are divided into two categories: municipalities and parishes. The entire interior of the country is made up of low-density municipalities that can represent good investment opportunities. There are 173 low-density municipalities and 73 parishes characterized as such.

How much do I need to invest in a low-density area?

At least €280.000 investment in the rehabilitation of real estate in a low-density area is needed to obtain Portugal’s Golden Visa.

Can I get residency if I invest in real estate in a low-density area?

Yes, if you invest in a low-density area of Portugal and obtain the Portuguese Golden Visa this gives you access to live and work in the country as a resident with all the advantages that are associated with that position.

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