Updated: March 18, 2024

A municipality town in the Faro district of Portugal, Aljezur is famous for its long hiking trails, charming white sand beaches, surfing activities, a historic area full of churches and old buildings, and more. If you are interested in moving to Portugal, you can consider the Aljezur area in Portugal to live in, as it offers attractive and affordable real estate options.

Property for Sale in Aljezur


In this section below, we will take you through the various types of properties for sale in Aljezur with some examples of the prices that you can expect to find. The average asking price for property in Aljezur in 2023 was €3,346 per square meter. 


Detached houses in Aljezur


A three-bedroom house with a built-in area of 215 m² in Aljezur – including two bathrooms, a swimming pool, a terrace, and a garden area, costs around €590,000, as per idealista.


Another attractive real estate option is a property in Aljezur town that overlooks the Arrifana beach and has an area of 301 m². The two-bedroom villa has a contemporary layout, design, and furnishings and sells for around €1,385,000, according to idealista.


This independent modern-style villa in Aljezur is situated on the top of a cliff. The property is designed to keep its residents cool during the summers and warm during the winters. The villa has seven rooms, spacious decks, an infinity pool, and other luxurious amenities ideal for a relaxed lifestyle. As per, idealista, the cost of the property is around €2,900,000.

Terraced houses


Situated in Odeceixe, close to the beach, this property has an area of 103.9 m². The house has three bedrooms, one bath area, a kitchen, and a living room. Although the house requires some restoration, it is very conveniently located near popular spots of the town, hence is a very attractive real estate option.


Located in the Igreja Nova area of Aljezur, this property is close to all important places in the town, such as schools, supermarkets, hospitals, and restaurants. This three-bedroom home is segregated into two floors and is equipped with all the latest utilities. According to idealista, the price of this real estate property is around €355,000.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the average price for a luxury home in Aljezur, Portugal?

The average asking price for property in Aljezur in 2023 was €3,346 per square meter. 

The most expensive property on sale in Aljezur in Portugal lists for €1,26,58,304.86. The property is a farm ranch with an area of 33,368,090 square feet.