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The medieval town of Óbidos is one of the best-preserved and most picturesque towns in Portugal. Just over an hour northwest of Lisbon, Óbidos is a magical, postcard-perfect location. While property in the center of Óbidos may be better as an investment, Óbidos Portugal real estate in the surrounding area is certainly worth considering for homebuyers.

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In this article, we’ll provide you with up-to-date information about Óbidos Portugal real estate. Following this, we’ll provide you with a background and a brief history of this charming town before focusing on what to expect from living here. 

To understand everything that you will need to know before you buy, you can see our article about how to buy real estate in Portugal.


The Magic of Óbidos

One of the true gems of Portugal, Óbidos is well worth a visit. It is popular with tourists, where they can step back in time to admire the Medieval charm and try Ginjinha (Portuguese cherry liquor) that is often served in a chocolate cup – two treats in one. With delightful cobblestone streets, sweeping views of the countryside, and a slight twang of the ocean in the air, Óbidos is certainly a place to be admired. 

This medieval town is perched close to the Atlantic and has some of the most beautiful Portuguese countryside in the surrounding area. Picture having a renovated country house to enjoy the very best that Portugal has to offer – landscapes, history, the ocean, and an additional perk is that the town is not too far from the bright lights of the capital, Lisbon.


Óbidos Portugal Real Estate

Óbidos is a very exciting place for investors and homebuyers. Properties are reasonably priced, with an average price of between €2,700 and €2,300/m² for renovated properties in 2022

In the Liera district, which is home to Óbidos, you can find spectacular properties in the heart of the countryside. For luxury buyers, there are several possibilities to consider. From modern apartments with ocean views, villas with a private pool, or majestic country houses with acres of land to enjoy, you should feel content with the array of options the region offers. 

Here are some prices for Óbidos properties for sale to give you an idea of the costs of real estate in and around the area:

  • A 135 m² three-bedroom luxury apartment with views over the Atlantic Ocean will likely cost you around €650,000.
  • A four-bedroom villa (248 m² of living space and 965 m² of land) with a garden and pool will cost you around €1,350,000.
  • A 1,059 m² building plot with a 360 m² living area will cost you €244,000.


History of Óbidos Óbidos Portugal real estate market

Since the late Paleolithic, the region of Óbidos has been inhabited. The early Celt tribes created a settlement that later became a center of trade for the Phoenicians. Archeological evidence from the base of the tower at Óbidos Castle shows Roman construction, linked to the Roman outpost Eburobrittum, including the remains of a forum, baths, and other Roman structures. 

After the fall of Rome, however, the region was occupied by the Visigoths, although specific records are incomplete. The Roman town, Eburobrittum was abandoned in the 5th Century for the hilltop, which was deemed more secure and is where the present-day principal settlement is situated.

Sometime after 713, the Moors established their foothold in the region, until Afonso Henriques, the first King in Portugal, overcame the Moors in 1148. Later, in 1210 King Afonso II gave the title of the village to Queen Urraca, and ever since the informal title of Óbidos has been Vila das Rainhas (town of the Queens).


Expansion of Óbidos

The castle of Óbidos was remodeled during the reign of King Dinis 1, with the limestone and marble structure being strengthened and elaborated. King Fernando then created the keep in the 14th century, and by the time of the first remodeling project for the town, the settlement had already expanded beyond the castle gates. 

The beautiful ornate Church of Santa Maria was where the wedding of King Alfonso V and his cousin Princess Isabella of Coimbra were married on 15 August 1441, when they were both still children – aged nine and ten, respectively. 

Administrative reforms by King Manuel I at Óbidos in 1513 included the institution of a formal charter and regenerations of the urban landscape. Over 200 years later, the 1755 earthquake caused damage to the village walls, churches and infrastructure, and resulted in the destruction of Arab and Medieval inspired architecture. In the time that followed, the Peninsular Wars were fought in Óbidos, and, more recently, the town was a meeting point for those involved in the 1974 Carnation Revolution. 


Obidos Portugal property Lifestyle in Óbidos

Óbidos has never shaken off its Medieval charm. Indeed, visitors to the town can stop and admire shops selling handiwork and clothing, with Ginjinha sellers scattered on the streets. The impressive castle and Santa Maria Church stand sentinel over the town. 

Óbidos is very close to the coast, with the charming town of Peniche close at hand. If you enjoy water sports and surfing, then you could not be better placed. Indeed, it is very easy to live an active life here, whether you enjoy being in the ocean or on dry land. There are many championship golf courses in the vicinity, for keen golfers. The surrounding area is also perfect for hiking. Indeed, you are not far from the spectacular Sintra national park – see our article about Sintra property

As the town itself is very popular with tourists, real estate directly in the center may be better as an investment. However, the surrounding area is perfect for a relaxed, and very typical Portuguese lifestyle – there are many properties that would make a wonderful, peaceful retreat. 

With local produce, very good restaurants, and a quieter area than in other parts of the county (when you get out of the busy town center) you will be able to enjoy your slice of Mediterranean sunshine. 

If you are looking to retire to Portugal, there are many perks of living in the region – a quiet place just for you, many ways to stay active, and many things going on so that you can feel a part of the community. 


Festivals in Óbidos

There is the Medieval Festival that takes place for three consecutive weekends from July (Thursday-Sunday) that rewinds the clock and is worth heading to if you happen to be in the area. Visitors can dress in Medieval attire, soaking up the atmosphere, and there are many activities on offer, including jousting, typical medieval food, and medieval music. Do not assume that this is the only festival in the town, however – visit the International Chocolate and Pastry Festival in the Spring and marvel at the incredible chocolate structures. 


Climate in Óbidos

Summers are warm and dry, while the winters can be wet and windy. Temperatures over the year tend to vary from 46°F (8°C) to 79°F (26°C), but rarely fall below 39°F (4°C) or above 90°F (32°C).


Óbidos Portugal Real Estate: Having a Buyers’ Agent on Your Side

If you are looking to move to Portugal then it is worth having an experienced buyers’ agent to help guide you through the process. Buying property in Portugal can be a hassle, particularly if you do not speak Portuguese and it is always good to have inside knowledge of the real estate market. 

At Goldcrest, we have years of experience and insider tips and tricks. Our primary goal is to secure the best property for the buyer, based on their needs – whether they are looking to move to Portugal with family, get on the real estate ladder, or retire to Portugal.

Frequently Asked Questions About Óbidos Portugal Real Estate:

1. Is Óbidos Portugal real estate a good investment?

Yes, Óbidos real estate is a good investment.

While investors in the market may be more attuned to buying property in the center, any of the surrounding countryside would make a perfect home for homebuyers, either as a primary or secondary residence. 

2. Is Óbidos a good place to retire to?

English is widely spoken in Óbidos, given the influx of tourists to the region, which also has brought in many very good restaurants. With good healthcare and with the attractive NHR scheme, where you can have significant tax benefits for ten years, if you are looking to retire to Portugal then you have many benefits. A beautiful corner of the country, Óbidos is no exception, particularly those looking for rest, relaxation, and a bit of peace and quiet, consider the countryside surrounding Óbidos. 

Our new e-book, Guide to Buying Property in Portugal, has everything that you could want about how to buy property in Portugal for investment or relocation purposes. 

3. Is it easy for foreigners to buy property in Portugal?

Yes, it is relatively easy to buy property in Portugal. However, we recommend having an experienced buyers’ agent on the side, to help you navigate through the process.

4. What is the average price for a luxury home in Óbidos, Portugal?

Buying a house in Óbidos, a small fortified town close to Lisbon, can cost between €2,300/m² and €2,700/m².

5. What is the most expensive property for sale in Obidos, Portugal?

At the top of the list is a farmhouse with a 17th-century palace overlooking Óbidos. It is set within a plot of 720,000 m² and has a 1244 m² living area with ten bedrooms. The cost of this property is €4,700,000.

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