So, why Portugal? As a tourist hotspot, Portugal has long been known for its endless beaches, stunning landscapes, and rich history. While many revel in the buzzing atmosphere of Lisbon, the quiet history of Porto, or the dazzling sun in the Algarve, there is one aspect that is, perhaps, slightly underrated National Parks in Portugal.

From the hiking trails in Montesinho Natural Park and Douro International Natural Park to the rich vegetation of Sintra-Cascais Natural Park and Arrábida Natural Park, Portugal’s national parks map a good portion of the country’s land. Indeed, whichever natural park you choose, you will delight in the beauty of Portugal.

There is an abundance of unbelievable panoramas and views that are waiting to be soaked up. With that in mind, we’ll provide you with ten of the most beautiful national and natural parks that the country has to offer (in no particular order) and discuss why living in the heart of nature in Portugal could suit you very nicely.


National Parks in Portugal: Living in the Heart of Nature

Living in the heart of nature in Portugal provides you with an authentic Portuguese experience, where the local way of life, in some places, has not changed very much over the years. While many of the parks in Portugal do not have properties in them, you will find excellent options close at hand where you can enjoy the wonders of nature. If you are looking to move to Portugal, each of these places is very special.

What’s more, many of these areas remain eligible for the Portugal Golden Visa, following the changes that came into force on 1 January 2022. For those looking into the program, consider some of these areas of Portugal as very plausible options. For more information about the Portugal Golden Visa and its changes, you can read our article here.

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Here, we’ll provide ten of the most picturesque locations in all of Portugal, in no particular order.



1. Sintra-Cascais Natural Park

We had to start with the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. It’s probably the most well-known natural park in Portugal for two reasons. Firstly, because of its close proximity to Lisbon and, secondly because of its sheer magnificence. Beautiful hills, green trees, palaces, and the Moorish castle provide a staggering backdrop. If you are lucky enough to live in (or close to) this scenic area of Portugal, then you are very fortunate indeed. And if that’s not enough, you have some of the most picturesque beaches to enjoy, which are relatively quiet in comparison to the more popular beaches closer to Cascais and Lisbon. When you get out of the tourist-heavy center, the area also provides a calm retreat for you to live in peace. 

If you enjoy the great outdoors or want to move to Portugal with your family, then you probably could not find a better spot than the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. Local traditions are still very much embraced here and the food is excellent try the travesseiros, a delightful dessert made of puff pastry with a filling of almond cream.

You are also close to the bright lights of Lisbon, where you can easily enjoy a vibrant, cosmopolitan capital with an array of top restaurants, exciting bars, and historic landmarks. The medieval town of Óbidos is also close at hand for a visit to the castle and to taste a drop of Ginjinha, a cherry liquor sometimes drunk out of a chocolate cup. 

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National Parks in Portugal Peneda-Gerês2. Peneda-Gerês National Park

In terms of the best national parks in Portugal, there is only one. That’s because Peneda-Gerês National Park is the country’s only national park. Situated in the north of Portugal, this park was established to protect and preserve the wildlife found there, as well as the unique range of landscapes. A very picturesque national park in Portugal, its natural beauty is something to see. Trails meander through the park and you will be able to find extraordinary panoramic views of the surroundings, with interesting rock formations and ancient granaries that were built by early settlers. 

From countless waterfalls to the ruins of Vilarinho da Furnas, there are many attractions in Peneda-Gerês National Park. These ruins were submerged deliberately when filling a local reservoir, and they emerge during the dry season when the water recedes.

There are also a few mountains here and, while the Gerês Mountains are inhospitable, they are fascinating to explore. If you are looking for properties in Portugal where you can find a quiet spot, then Gerês and the surrounding area are excellent options to consider. 


3. Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina

This coastline strip is considered one of the finest stretches of protected coastal areas in Europe, with over 130 km covering Porto Covo in the Alentejo, to Burgau in the Algarve. 

This astonishing natural park is waiting to be explored, with stunning landscapes and beautiful beaches which you can enjoy any time of the year, thanks to the mild Portuguese climate.

If you’re looking to buy a property in Portugal, but have been a little apprehensive about the tourist-heavy Algarve, then you may want to consider options closer to Costa Vicentina. More calm than many parts of the Algarve, you will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of Portugal to the fullest. 

For other areas in the Alentejo to consider, you can see our article here


4. Montesinho Natural Park

In the northeast of Portugal, close to the border shared with Spain, you will come across Montesinho Natural Park, one of the largest parks in Portugal. Rolling hills and valleys welcome you, with little streams, tranquil ponds, lush vegetation, and trees surrounding them to create forest dense enough for you to escape from the everyday. A perfect destination for nature lovers wanting to indulge in all that nature parks have to offer. 

Montesinho National Park is a biodiversity hotspot, and the trails weave their way up the mountain, from which you have excellent views of the beautiful scenery below. The Iberian wolf, lynx, and the common genet are some of the animals that can be seen in their natural habitat by some lucky visitors. 

Note that if you are looking to buy property in this area, you will likely find some very affordable options as the real estate market here is not so developed. Indeed, you will be living in a relatively undiscovered area of Portugal, making Montesinho National Park an exciting place to live. 


5. Arrábida Natural Park

Less than an hour’s drive south of Lisbon, you’ll come across Parque Natural da Arrábida. Here, one of the most spectacular coastlines in Europe awaits you, and if you look to the Atlantic you can soak up the rays of sunshine dancing on the water. 

As a popular day trip for people living in Lisbon, the pristine beaches and peaceful walks beckon you to Arrábida Natural Park. If you are looking to purchase property in this part of the world, consider Setúbal. For those seeking luxury, Tróia is also an excellent option. 

You can see our article on Setúbal here.


6. Ria Formosa Natural Park

Close to Tavira, the Ria Formosa Natural Park is one of the highlights of the Algarve. Popular with beachgoers and casual walkers, and great for bird watching, the scenery is stunning and the warm climate will entice you out of the house, even in the depths of winter. 

Whether you are looking for a modern apartment or beachside villa, you will likely be able to find something that fits your criteria here. A quieter, and more authentic side of the Algarve is in store for you, where you can relax without the swarm of summertime tourists. 

Our article here provides you with more information about buying property in Tavira, where you are well-positioned to enjoy the delights of the Ria Formosa Natural Park. 


7. Douro International Natural ParkDouro natural park in Portugal

The Douro International Natural Park runs over the border into Spain, accounting for its name, and harbors protected eagles and vultures. The river is perhaps the real selling point of the park, as it cuts its way through the landscapes, meandering through the rocky cliffs and ravines that the water has slowly eroded away over the centuries. 

The Douro River flows all the way to the city of Porto, and from the natural park, you can see lush vegetation and small watercourses. 

Owning a property in this part of the country is very affordable, and would prove to be an excellent getaway if you are looking to live in Portugal in a quiet place surrounded by nature.

Picture the weekend going on amazing hikes where you can soak up the beautiful landscapes of Portugal before returning to your house, perhaps for a dip in your private pool to cool off, or cooking grilled meats over your barbecue with a cold cerveja in your hand.


8. Litoral Norte Natural Park

On the other side of the Douro Natural Park in the northeast of Portugal, you have Litoral Norte Natural Park in the northwest of the country. The park looks out over the Atlantic ocean and the winds that blow in from the ocean have helped shape the sand dunes that are synonymous with the park. In the far distance, Litoral Norte Natural Park gives you a view of the farmland known for being fertilized by the seaweed that washes up on the beaches. 

Portugal’s Northern Natural Park is also the home of seabirds and breeding birds that come to the park to nest and breed. Long grasses grow, protected from the winds by the sand dunes. This protected area is an excellent place for a nice walk, where you can see the landforms created from the sheer power of nature, and where you can soak up stunning ocean views. 

What’s more, from Porto you are less than an hour’s drive away from Litoral Norte Natural Park. Indeed, if you are living in Portugal, Porto is a good port of call if you like to get out and about in nature, with there being many natural parks spread out across the north. 

If you are considering purchasing property in the strategically situated Porto, our article here can provide you with important information on which neighborhood could be the best for you. 


9. Alvão Natural Park

As previously mentioned, the north of Portugal is rich in parks, and Alvão Natural Park is another fine example. From a height of 1,339 meters at its highest point, down to 260 meters, Alvão has two very distinct topographies and, as such, the varying landscape and different feel of the natural park are what makes it so special. 

Although relatively small in size, the upper mountainous area is perfect for hiking, and the rocky cliffs and granite landforms create a dramatic feel to the landscape, providing views of the Basal Zone far below. The captivating Fisgal waterfall plunges down to the ground, creating a mystical misty spray that highlights the natural beauty here. 

The Olo River cuts through Alvão Natural Park, and the rocky riverbed and forest are fun to explore, particularly if you are visiting with family. Indeed, Portugal is a very good country in which to live with family, as the weather allows the possibility to get out and about for much of the year, even during the winter months. Note that the north of Portugal is much colder than the south, so take an extra jacket if you are heading out at this time of year. 


10. Serra da Estrela National parks in Portugal - Serra da Estrela

Serra da Estrela is home to the highest peak in mainland Portugal, Torre, which stands at just under 2000 meters. Indeed, this natural park is simply stunning, comprising the largest mountain range in the country. 

Lovely valleys and ravines can be found in the countryside, due to the varied topography of the park, and crystal-clear water provides otherworldly landscapes in some parts of the park. Indeed, if you are ever in Portugal, we highly recommend giving Serra da Estrela a visit, just ensure that you are with an experienced driver as the roads can be a little winding. 

By now you may already have the desire to visit one of Portugal’s many fantastic parks and spend your time bird watching, mountain biking, hiking to the highest peak, or even looking for an abundant array of wild flowers. From Peneda-Gerês and Serra da Estrela to Litoral Norte, the list of amazing attractions goes on. 

Portugal’s parks are most definitely worth a visit. It’s easy to see why many view Portugal as having some of the best national parks when the country has so much to offer in the way of diverse landscapes. From lovely sandy beaches and fantastic weather to rocky cliffs, tranquil ponds, and interesting sites – all can be found in this stunning European country.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Portugal National Parks:

1. How do I obtain a park entrance pass?

For most national and natural parks in Portugal, you can simply visit them without the need for a park entrance pass. However, to access the palaces in Sintra, for example, you will need to purchase a ticket. 

2. Can I bring my pet to a national park?

In general, you should be able to bring your dog with you to national parks in Portugal, but check with the park that you wish to visit before visiting. 

3. What is the largest national park site?

The Natural Park of Serra da Estrela is the largest park in Portugal.

4. How many national parks are there in Portugal?

Even though continental Portugal alone has 24 other natural parks, animal reservations, and protected landscapes with an average of more than 6,500 km², or more than 7% of the country’s territory, there is only one National Park in the country, Peneda-Gerês National Park.

5. What is the national park in Portugal?

A national park in Portugal is a region set aside by a national government to protect the environment. Peneda-Gerês is the only national park in Portugal with unique species, such as the wild Garrano horse and the Castro Laboreiro dog breed, that are only found in this region of the country. The park also features spectacular landscapes between mountains and reservoirs.

6. What is the most beautiful area of Portugal?

One of the most beautiful areas in Portugal is the Azores. The islands are among the most fantastic places to live in the world. However, Portugal has more to discover! The country has many natural parks (Sintra-Cascais, Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina, Douro International Natural Park, Alvão Natural Park, Montesinho Natural Park, etc.) and even one National Park – Peneda-Gerês. Living near them is an excellent choice if you want to be surrounded by the purity and freshness of nature.

7. Is there any wilderness in Portugal?

Yes, the Peneda-Gerês National Park is an incredibly gorgeous area of wilderness with craggy granite mountains surrounded by forest and flower fields.

8. Is Peneda-Gerês National Park worth visiting?

From stunning lagoons and breathtaking waterfalls, to lush forest and incredible mountains, Peneda-Gerês National Park is definitely worth visiting. With so much to do and see, you will not be short of entertainment during your stay in Portugal’s only, and best, national park.

9. How many days do you need in Peneda-Gerês National Park?

Peneda-Gerês National Park is a big area with many fun things to do and explore. To enjoy your time and ensure a full experience, you should spend at least two days in the park.

10. Where to stay when visiting Peneda-Gerês National Park?

There are many places to stay when visiting Peneda-Gerês National Park. You can choose to stay inside the park, in areas such as Gerês village and Caniçada Dam, or in any of the beautiful hotels situated outside of the park.

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