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Why-buy-property-in-CascaisCascais, on the Portuguese Riviera, is the ultimate destination for lifestyle buyers and property investors.

This quaint seaside town is located just a short distance from the Portuguese capital, Lisbon. Cascais offers proximity to the outrageously stunning Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, waterfront properties near sandy beaches that would be the envy of many, plus pleasant weather throughout the year.

In this article, Real Estate Investment Cascais: Essential Insights, we’re going to provide you with essential information about buying property in Cascais, from an overview of the market to guiding you through some of the best places to invest in houses for sale in Cascais, Portugal, and so much more.

Why invest in Cascais?

Cascais attracts foreign buyers from all walks of life. Families interested in buying property and settling down here will find a laid-back lifestyle in a coastal region with modern amenities, spacious houses, and an incredible beach life. Cascais and the Greater Lisbon area on the Portuguese Riviera has great education opportunities and many excellent international schools nearby, and in the surrounding area.

Our residency and citizenship division, Global Citizen Solutions, has created an extensive International Schools guide for more information on international schools in Cascais, Portugal. For retirees searching for the right property as a summer residence or a home for permanent relocation, this relaxing seaside town is the perfect place to enjoy their well-earned retirement. Additionally, investors buying property in the city center or the surrounding area will be thrilled to know that buying property in Cascais, Portugal, offers the opportunity for a nice return on their investment.

An Overview of the Cascais Real Estate Market

Cascais became a renowned seaside resort in the 1870s, thanks to its association with King Luís I of Portugal and the Portuguese royal family. Each September, the royal family chose the charming coastal town as their residence, leading to the influx of the Portuguese nobility, who formed a vibrant summer community in the area.

In more recent times, Cascais has retained its crown as a top tourist destination but has increasingly attracted foreign expats to its shores in hopes of finding their dream property, including celebrity royalty. Ian Fleming famously drank martinis in neighboring Estoril and found inspiration for the James Bond novels at Hotel Palacio, while more recently, Portuguese footballer Christiano Ronaldo purchased a luxury home in Quinta da Marinha, Cascais.

The current state of the real estate market

The property market in the Cascais municipality has long been popular with expats and continues to attract international buyers. In 2023, the average asking price for property in Cascais stood at €5,835 per square meter. Depending on the time frame the seller would like the property purchased, the final purchase price could be higher or lower than the average price mentioned above.

Is now the time to invest in Cascais?

Investing in Portugal real estate is an increasingly attractive option for foreign investors. As Cascais continues to grow in popularity and property prices are increasing, it remains a very good town to invest in. Strategically located close to Lisbon, and with the glorious Sintra Natural Park nearby, plus an array of popular beaches, the area has a lot going for it.

While the average price of homes for sale in Cascais, Portugal, is higher than it once was, it is still possible to get a nice return on your investment, which makes investing in the Cascais area a lucrative venture for international investors. In the third quarter of 2023, rental yields on Property in Cascais stood at 5.7 percent in São Domingos de Rana, 5.9 percent in Carcavelos and Parede, and 4.8 percent in Cascais e Estoril, with the overall yield for Cascais standing at 5.6 percent.

Types of Investment Opportunities in Property in Cascais

With some research and the assistance of a buyer’s or real estate agent in Cascais, you will discover an excellent selection of homes and apartments in beautiful neighborhoods like Quinta da Marinha when you buy property in Cascais. If you are considering living in Cascais, Portugal, below we share information on the types of property on offer in Cascais, including commercial property options.

GC-ICON-98 Residential properties

Cascais boasts a wide array of residential properties suitable for investment, some in exclusive suburbs like Quinta da Marinha or close to one of the fabulous beaches in the region Options range from detached houses to luxurious villas, providing potential investors with various options to target different segments of the real estate market.


Investing in apartments in the Cascais municipality can be an attractive option due to the town’s growing popularity among locals and tourists alike. Apartments can provide steady passive income or potential capital appreciation.

Waterfront properties

Cascais’s stunning coastline and ocean views attract investors to consider waterfront properties. These exclusive properties offer breathtaking views and are in high demand, making them an enticing investment option.

Luxury properties

For investors seeking high-end opportunities, Cascais features a selection of luxury homes that come with swimming pools, private security, and price gyms. These elegant estates cater to affluent buyers and can yield substantial returns, especially considering Cascais’s status as a luxury destination and a top contender on the Luxury Real Estate Lisbon list.

Commercial properties

Investing in commercial real estate can be an appealing option in Cascais, given its growing business and tourist sectors. Commercial properties offer opportunities for steady rental income and the potential for long-term growth.


With a thriving local economy and an increasing number of businesses setting up shop in Cascais, investing in office spaces can be a profitable venture. This includes spaces within commercial buildings or dedicated office complexes.

Retail spaces

As a popular tourist destination, Cascais presents investment opportunities in retail spaces. These spaces can be utilized for shops, boutiques, restaurants, and other commercial ventures that cater to both locals and visitors.

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mansion iconTouristic real estate

Cascais’s charm attracts tourists year-round, making touristic real estate an attractive investment avenue. Touristic properties can include hotels, holiday homes, serviced apartments, or properties within resort-style developments.

Hotel projects

As Cascais experiences a continuous influx of visitors that  increases year-on-year, investing in hotel projects can be lucrative. The hospitality industry in Cascais has the potential for significant returns on investment.

Vacation rentals and short-term lettings

With the rise of platforms like Airbnb, investing in vacation rentals and short-term lettings has become increasingly popular. Cascais’s appeal to tourists and its proximity to Lisbon make it an ideal location for such investments.

Exploring property prices in Cascais, Portugal

Now that you have discovered the types of real estate in Cascais, Portugal, that is available for sale, the table below will give you some insight into the price per square meter you can expect to pay when you buy property in Cascais.

Cascais Neighborhood

2023 Price (Per Square Meter)



S Domingos de Rana


Carcavelos e Parede


Cascais e Estoril


Key Locations for Real Estate Investment in Cascais

Cascais and Estoril

Cascais is an extremely desirable place to snap up a property, and the historic town has something to tempt any buyer. You’ll come across luxury properties in Portugal, modern apartments, and a yacht marina.

With several charming beaches, such as Praia da Rainha, conveniently located in the heart of Cascais, Praia do Guincho, situated just north of the city, the famous Cabo da Roca, the most westerly point in Europe, and the outstanding Sintra National Park, there are many attractions to living here.

Further east, you have Estoril, where you’ll find spacious properties with waterfront views. The Estoril promenade is a lovely place to spend time with family and offers one of the best sunsets in Portugal. Outside the center, you’ll stumble across picturesque mansions just a short walk from the beach.

Indeed, Cascais and Estoril are, in many ways, the epitome of luxury living. However, with this said, you’ll still find many more affordable options. This part of the country is also fantastic for families looking to move to Portugal, with several good international schools, such as Park International School, St António International School, St Julian’s School (close to Carcavelos), St Dominic’s International School, and St John’s International School.

Carcavelos and Parede

Carcavelos is a firm favorite with Lisbon residents who are looking to get their beach fix, plus surfers will find some nice waves here.

Carcavelos has a permanently relaxed vibe and is situated a short distance from both Lisbon and Cascais. With large houses leading the way down to Carcavelos beach, you’ll find several spacious properties up for grabs. Parede is home to the Avencas and Parede beaches, where you will also find some of the best restaurants and terrace bars on the waterfront promenade, the perfect place to enjoy the sunset.


Alcabideche is situated to the north of Cascais and Estoril and borders the scenic Sintra National Park, where you can marvel at the colorful Pena Palace and the dramatic Castle of the Moors. For nature lovers, you’ll be able to go hiking and cycling to discover this incredible part of the country. Moreover, its proximity to the charming and less crowded beaches of Praia da Ursa and Praia da Adraga adds to its allure.

If golf is your passion, you’re in luck, as excellent golf courses are easily accessible. Among the very best golf courses, the Penha Longa Resort stands out as an exceptional choice for satisfying your weekly golf cravings.

Families seeking quality education will find convenient options nearby, including IPS-International Preparatory School and St. James’ Primary School, both of which are very good international schools.

São Domingos de Rana

São Domingos de Rana, situated behind Carcavelos and Parede, offers the most affordable homes for sale in Cascais. Being close to the sea and away from the bustling tourist areas, it remains a peaceful option even during summer. Moreover, it’s just a 20-minute drive from Lisbon.

How to Buy a Property in Cascais

Buying property in a foreign country comes with unique intricacies. Below, we share a concise guide taking you through the steps of buying property in Cascais, Portugal – from legalities to the buying process.

Legal considerations

Understanding the legal implications of purchasing Cascais property is essential to ensure that the property purchasing process runs smoothly and there are no unexpected surprises down the line. We strongly recommend working with an experienced real estate lawyer in Cascais who can provide expert guidance throughout the process.

Enlisting the help of a property surveyor in Portugal is also beneficial as they can guarantee there are no issues with the property’s interior or exterior.

Financial considerations

You’ll find many banks in Portugal that offer mortgages for foreign buyers. It’s important to find the one that best suits your requirements. The mortgage application process may take longer than anticipated, so it’s best to begin the process as soon as possible.

Key steps in the buying process

The process of buying property in Portugal can be broken down into the following five steps.

  • Step 1: Understand property prices in Cascais and decide whether you’d like to take out a mortgage to finance your property
  • Step 2: Find the perfect Cascais property
  • Step 3: Negotiation
  • Step 4: Promissory Contract (CPCV)
  • Step 5:  Sign the Escritura (Final Deed) and request the Land Registry Certificate

Risks and Challenges to Consider

To avoid any roadblocks on your journey towards property ownership in Cascais, Portugal, it is important to list and work through the possible risks and challenges you may face during buying process. Below, we look at the risks and challenges to consider in detail.

Understanding the market

Before investing in Cascais property for sale, you’ll want to have a clear understanding of how the market. Conduct comprehensive research on the average price for property, supply and demand dynamics, local regulations, and market trends. It is worth seeking advice from experts who have an in-depth knowledge of the market, for example, to pinpoint areas with the potential to get a strong return on your investment.

Due Diligence

Performing due diligence is crucial when you buy any property. You will want to double-check the property and seller to ensure you will not face any legal complications later.

Market Volatility and Economic Influences

As with any real estate market, the Portuguese market is subject to fluctuations and economic factors that can have an impact on property prices. Consider the potential return on investment and how factors like inflation rates might impact your investment decision and influence house prices.


How long does it take to buy a house in Cascais?

It usually takes around one to four months to buy a house in Portugal. However, it can take longer than this and may even be quicker in some cases. This takes into account comprehensive due diligence, obtaining documents, and other requirements.

Goldcrest: How We Can Help You 

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  • Local knowledge: With offices located across Portugal, our presence nationwide allows us to assist you personally across the country.
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Cascais offers a picturesque setting with splendid views of the Atlantic Ocean, a stable economy, golf courses galore, and a thriving tourism industry. Its proximity to Lisbon, the capital city, and good amenities make it an appealing choice for both investors and expats looking for a charming place to call home. Beach lovers also have many different options to unwind and soak up the sunshine.

Expats are drawn to Cascais for its pleasant climate, beautiful beaches, golf courses, and high-quality luxurious lifestyle. The town provides a safe and welcoming environment, many international schools, and diverse cultural experiences, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a new life abroad and to find their dream home. The hot summers are not insufferable, given the lovely breeze that drifts in from the Atlantic. Whether you are looking for a lovely Cascais villa or a quaint townhouse, the Cascais region attracts expats from across the world.

Beach lovers will also be spoilt for choice by the beautiful beaches close at hand and the mild winters mean that you can head to the great outdoors for much of the year. Plus, you are not far from Lisbon Airport, making Cascais perfect for international travelers.

The Cascais region offers a wide range of investment opportunities, including luxury villas with swimming pools, detached houses, apartments, townhouses, and charming traditional houses. Additionally, there are modern developments, renovation projects, and properties with stunning ocean views to cater to various investor preferences.

Given the high tourist footfall and the fact that Cascais is considered a luxury destination, you’ll find many investment options. Prime investment areas in Cascais include the historic center and waterfront areas. Estoril and Carcavelos are also definitely worth considering. With mild winters, the excellent climate is one of the major reasons why Cascais is such a popular destination.

The buying process in Cascais involves engaging a real estate agent, making an offer, and signing a “Promissory Contract.” After legal checks and obtaining necessary permits, the final deed is signed, and property ownership is transferred.

Foreign investors must acquire a Portuguese Tax Identification Number (NIF) and follow legal procedures for property acquisition. Hiring a qualified lawyer to conduct due diligence is crucial to ensure a smooth and secure investment process.

While Cascais offers an attractive investment environment, potential risks include fluctuating demand, changes in local regulations, and currency exchange rates. Proper research and risk management are essential for successful investment. You should also be aware of the potential language barrier, which is why we recommend working with an experienced real estate professional who can help ensure a hassle-free buying process.

The resale market in Cascais is generally robust, driven by steady demand and the area’s appeal to both locals and international buyers. A well-chosen property in a desirable location can yield a good return on investment.

When foreigners buy property, they must be aware of property taxes to pay both at the time of purchase and on an annual basis. During the process, taxes include Property Purchase Tax/ Property Transfer Tax (IMT) and Stamp Duty, while taxes you will be required to pay annually include Municipal Property Tax (IMI). You should also consider the Capital Gains Tax if you are considering selling your property.

Like any market, the Cascais, Portugal, real estate sector can experience impacts from economic fluctuations. However, the housing market has proved to be resilient recently, as shown by its performance after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yes, Cascais has embraced sustainable development, and green real estate opportunities are available. Eco-friendly buildings, energy-efficient features, and environmentally conscious projects cater to investors seeking sustainable options. More and more developers are also looking for sustainable materials and techniques.

The real estate market in Cascais is experiencing high demand, driven by both local and international buyers. Luxury properties and coastal homes are particularly sought after, with rising prices contributing to a competitive market.

In Cascais, investors can find a variety of properties, including luxury villas, beachfront apartments, historic homes, and modern condos. Additionally, commercial real estate and development plots offer diverse investment opportunities.

In 2023, the average asking price for property in Cascais stood at €5,835 per square meter.

There are no restrictions for foreigners buying property in Cascais. Non-residents can purchase real estate with the same rights as Portuguese citizens, but it’s advisable to consult with a local attorney to navigate the process smoothly.

In the third quarter of 2023, the overall rental yield for Cascais stood at 5.6 percent.

The buying process in Cascais includes finding your ideal property, submitting an offer, and signing a “Promissory Contract.” Following legal checks, the final deed is executed, and property ownership is transferred. You will also need to get a NIF number (tax identification number) to buy property in Portugal.

When foreigners buy property, they must consider taxes payable at purchase and annually. During the purchase, these include Property Purchase Tax/Property Transfer Tax (IMT) and Stamp Duty. Annually, you must pay the Municipal Property Tax (IMI). Additionally, consider Capital Gains Tax if selling the property.

Tourism significantly boosts the Cascais property market, increasing demand for vacation rentals and luxury homes. High tourist influx drives rental income and property value appreciation, making it an attractive destination for investors.

Top neighborhoods in Cascais for real estate investment include Monte Estoril, Guincho, and Quinta da Marinha. These areas are known for their luxury properties, stunning views, and proximity to amenities and the coastline.

Several development projects in Cascais attract investors, including new luxury condos, eco-friendly housing developments, and commercial spaces in strategic locations. These projects often offer modern amenities and potential for significant returns.

There are more than 15 banks in Portugal offering financing options to foreign buyers. Ensure you explore your options to find the best deal for you.

The real estate investment option is no longer an eligible pathway for the Portugal Golden Visa. Currently, a popular alternative is the Portugal Golden Visa investment fund option.

Long-term prospects for real estate investment in Cascais are positive, driven by strong demand, limited supply, and the area’s appeal to both tourists and expatriates. Property values and rental yields are expected to remain robust.

Investors can ensure the legality and safety of their property purchase in Cascais by hiring a reputable local lawyer, conducting thorough due diligence, and verifying all legal documents and property titles before finalizing the transaction. You should also consider working with a surveyor in Portugal to ensure there are no structural issues with the interior or exterior of the property.

Common pitfalls in Cascais real estate investment include overlooking hidden costs, failing to conduct proper due diligence, and not understanding local regulations. Working with experienced professionals can help mitigate these risks.

Investing in real estate in Cascais offers benefits such as high rental yields (currently standing at 5.6 percent), property value appreciation, and a stable market. The area’s beautiful coastline, pleasant climate, and high quality of life make it a desirable location for lifestyle buyers, residents, and tourists.

Researching market trends and working with a buyer’s agent is your best bet to get the best real estate deals in Cascais. While real estate agents in Portugal work on behalf of the seller and will secure a higher commission for a higher sale, the buyer’s agent works solely on behalf of the buyer, protecting their interests.

Evaluate market trends in Cascais by analyzing recent property price data, rental yield reports, and market forecasts. Engaging with local real estate professionals, such as Goldcrest, will also help you have a thorough grasp of the Cascais real estate market.

When investing in luxury real estate in Cascais, consider factors such as location, property amenities, quality of construction, and potential for appreciation. Proximity to the coast, security, and exclusivity of the neighborhood also play crucial roles in your investment decision.