Updated: March 13, 2024

Where to find luxury properties in Portugal?

Luxury and Portugal may not be the first two words you put together. However, there are many exclusive areas in Portugal. And not just in Lisbon and in the Algarve. From Comporta to Cascais, to Ericeira and Porto, there are some very sought-after, luxury properties in Portugal. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the key regions where you will find luxury properties in Portugal. With a thriving real estate market, particularly in Lisbon and the Algarve, the Portuguese real estate market is continuing to grow and branch out into the interior of the country. Portugal is the ideal place to live the luxury life – with penthouses, beach houses, luxury apartments, and villas, all in the mix. Indeed, if you are looking for a luxury renovated farm, an equestrian property, or even a palace or castle, Portugal really can step up to the mark. 

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There is no need to introduce Lisbon. A truly spectacular city, Lisbon is where young entrepreneurs rub shoulders with locals in traditional tascas (typical Portuguese restaurants). This mix of tradition and modernity is present across the city. 

You can easily get lost in the streets of Alfama and believe that you have stepped back in time 100 years or so. And then you have Parque das Nações where the opposite seems to have happened. Here, you are faced with buildings and cable cars where you could have stepped into a futuristic film. It is this surprise element that seems to be at the heart of the capital. 


Luxury properties in Portugal: Lisbon cityluxury properties in portugal

The prime area for luxury property in Lisbon is Avenida da Liberdade. Known as one of the most famous and exclusive shopping streets in Europe, the properties here are amongst the very best. Indeed, investors have renovated historic buildings here and Portuguese superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, is one of the property buyers here. 

Príncipe Real and Baixa Chiado also have very beautiful properties. Here, you have incredible views of the River Tejo and Ponte de Abril 25 Bridge. If you are looking for excellent locations in the heart of the city, you could not find much better locations.  

It is worth noting that there are many very good investment opportunities in Lisbon. Take Parque das Nações, for example, where the real estate market is really kicking off. For more information on the luxury market in Lisbon, you can always speak with a real estate expert at Goldcrest, who can guide you through which area may be best for you. 

Outside Lisbon, Cascais is also a prime location for luxury properties. As a quaint seaside resort that has all the services that you will need, leading international schools and stunning beaches, Cascais is a very good location to call home. With many properties that have spectacular sea views, private pools, and rooftop terraces, this is an area for a rich and exclusive retreat. 


The Algarve

The Algarve is considered a dream beach location – with unique rock formations, impressive properties, and luxury personified. There are no negatives to this sunny region of Portugal, perhaps only that in the summer months it can get rather busy. But where is the best area in the Algarve to find the perfect Portugal real estate in the south?


Luxury properties in Portugal: Algarve regions

Vilamoura is the best place to find luxury properties – it is the crown of the Algarve’s “Golden Triangle”, with golf courses, glittering beaches and walks along the marina. Near the resorts of Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo in the “Golden Triangle” you will see real luxury prices. Here, a villa can cost as much as €12.5 million. 

Elsewhere, you can also find luxury properties in the western Algarve. In Lagos, you can find stunning villas with extraordinary views of the Atlantic Ocean. Here, the area is characterized by rock formations, beautiful beaches, and a quieter town that also has its fair share of expats. Tavira, in the east, is also a very good option if you are looking for the most authentic Algarve experience. With delicious seafood and long white sandy beaches, this historic, quaint town is a slice of true Portugal. 



With the real estate market in Lisbon being so strong, it was difficult to envisage another Portuguese city coming close, in terms of investment opportunities. However, Portugal’s second-largest city has done just that. 

The diversity of options and locations in Porto is attractive to both domestic and international investors, in addition to its accessibility and price range. The price bracket is significantly lower than the prices in the capital and you should be able to find a luxury property in this city in the north at a more affordable rate. 


Luxury properties in Portugal: Porto

With views of the famous Douro River, where you can see the glittering lights of the wine houses on the opposite side of the river, you have modern apartments located in the heart of the historic center of Porto.

And then you have Foz do Douro, with luxury houses boasting stunning views of the Atlantic. You also have a long walkway, perfect for stretching your legs on the weekend. A great place for families, you have beaches close at hand, all the services that you will need, and some of the best international schools in Portugal. You are also a short 20-minute journey from Porto, so are well-placed to have the perfect beach/city lifestyle mix. 


The Southwest

The Southwest has really come into its own, with more people looking outside the hotspot locations of Lisbon, the Algarve, and Porto. Here you will see some of the most outrageously luxurious properties. The Portuguese seeking a touch of luxury also tend to favor the southwest over the more expat-heavy Algarve. Indeed, this area of Portuguese magic is enough to make anyone that visits want to stay firmly put.


Luxury properties in Portugal: Comporta & Tróia

Comporta has become one of the new favorite locations for premium real estate investments. Here you are guaranteed security, and you can strike a balance between your professional and personal life. Hailed as the “Hamptons of Europe”, luxury properties don’t come much better than this. With out-of-this-world restaurants, Comporta is a golden gem in the Alentejo. 

The deserted golden beaches are matched only by the endless forest. The picturesque villages along the Alentejo coast make this location one of exclusive tranquility and the ultimate place to relax.

The seemingly never-ending white sand beaches of the Tróia Peninsula are really something to behold. With high-end hotels, a casino, and a national park, you can indulge in scenic landscapes in the day and in fine dining experiences in the evening. 


The Silver Coast

While the Algarve is constantly in the spotlight – best tourist destination, the best area for retirees, the ultimate location for the sun and sea in the Mediterranean – the Silver Coast in Portugal goes relatively under the radar. The Silver Coast or “Costa da Prata” as it’s known by the locals has historic towns, charming traditions, and an impressive, rugged coastline. Luxury property here is for those that are perhaps looking for a quieter area in one of the most understated spots of beauty. To be honest, and I am sure the locals would agree, is there anywhere more beautiful than the Costa da Prata?

You should be able to find stunning properties in Nazaré, Peniche, and Ericeira. Each area has its own perks. For example, Nazaré is where the world’s great surfers flock to test themselves against the full force of the biggest waves in the world. Peniche is a beautiful town of tradition and Ericeira is popular with expats while retaining its natural beauty. What’s more, the Silver Coast in Portugal is in between Lisbon and Porto, so you have very good access to Portugal’s  top locations.


The Islands: Madeira & The Azores

The islands of Madeira and the Azores are both incredibly beautiful in their own way. 



Madeira real estate is more developed than that of the Azores. With spectacular views of the ocean, pretty much wherever you are in Madeira, this truly is a special place. Take in the fresh seafood, the bounty of nature, and warm waters (something that continental Portugal unfortunately lacks).  

The luxury property market in Madeira is focused around Funchal, the capital on the southern side of the island. One of the reasons for this is that the weather in Madeira is very unpredictable. Indeed, the island can experience all four seasons in a day. However, on the south side of the river, the weather is more stable. 

The Palheiro Village offers many luxury properties, with services such as golf, spas, and security. If you are looking for an island of splendid luxury and tranquility, Madeira real estate could be the right place to look. 


The Azores

Real estate in the Azores is not as well developed as its counterpart, Madeira, to the south. However, the green beauty of the Azores is a wonder to behold. Many of the luxury properties lie in Ponta Delgada, the capital. However, you may be able to find breathtaking vineyards or renovated farmhouses for sale elsewhere on the island. 

With the lakes, the rolling hills, and the healing hot springs, the island is a very special place. It still manages to retain an undiscovered feel to it. Almost as though the island has not yet woken up to the modern throws of life. Nonetheless, there are many five-star hotels, top eateries, and luxurious places to dip into, so do not worry about being completely secluded. 

Frequently asked questions about luxury property in Portugal:

1. Which are the best regions to find luxury property in Portugal?

There are several regions where you can find Portugal luxury real estate. It will depend greatly on what you are looking for.

Lisbon and Porto obviously provide you with luxury within the city. The Algarve, Comporta, Tróia, and Cascais offer you luxurious resorts, where you will have all the services that you need. The Silver Coast is for buyers looking for a quieter type of lifestyle. And then you have Madeira real estate and properties in the Azores. Each island will provide you with a unique lifestyle.

The Portugal Golden Visa allows you to invest in interior locations in Portugal of the residential real estate route. You can see our article here for more information on what qualifies as an interior area. 

For a full review of the Golden visa changes, you can see the changes and updates to the program here. For information on the Golden Visa and the options available to you, our second residency and citizenship division, Global Citizen Solution will be more than happy to speak with you.

Lisbon, Porto, and Cascais have excellent international schools and are great for families.