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With a stunning coastline stretching 1794 km and an array of picturesque rivers – the Tejo, the Douro, and the Mondego, to name but a few – there are spades of beautiful waterfront homes in Portugal. Whether you are looking for some peace and quiet with magnificent sea views or would like to relocate to a historic city with vibrant colors and sounds, Portugal will surely step up to the mark.

In this article on waterfront homes for sale in Portugal with sea views, we’ll run over the most desirable locations to find this type of property before touching on the prices for each region. Portugal real estate is attractive for those looking to relocate, own a holiday home, or invest in the country. We are sure you’ll have your preferences – whether you are moving as a family, retiring, or even relocating for work. As such, the locations outlined will provide a taste of what to expect to find the perfect place for you.

Where to find waterfront homes in Portugal?


Miradouro da Graça, LisbonLisbon is a delightful capital, with the sparkling River Tagus and the impressive Ponte 25 de Abril bridge providing you with excellent views. Picture waking up in a riverside property to the soft sounds of the city coming alive, a mix of bustle and calm.

Indeed, Lisbon has managed to embrace modernity without giving up its traditional roots or its unique cultural and historic stamp. Take Web Summit, the world’s largest tech festival that takes place every year in the city, or the abundance of startups that are now proudly calling Lisbon home – the city is continually embracing modernity. However, take a moment to glance in any direction, and you will still see a city of tradition. From taking precious time from the daily rush to sit and enjoy a coffee in peace to the bright yellow trams gliding past, the culture of the Portuguese is as alive as it has ever been.

Lisbon, Portugal, real estate continues to be popular with expats. Indeed, owning a waterfront property in Lisbon is to be in the thriving hub of the country, open to all the influences from the past, yet keeping up with modern times. Lisbon is the perfect option for you if you are looking for a balance between relaxation and the bustle of a city where something is always going on. For property investors, Lisbon is also a top location, with high rental yields, currently standing at 6.7 percent for the Lisbon Metropolitan Area.


sailing in cascaisThe sunny resort of Cascais, a short 30-minute drive from Lisbon, is a must-see.

With luxurious properties that have beautiful ocean views, a pretty town center, and glorious seafood, Cascais is a well-known destination.

In the summer, both tourists and locals eagerly board the trains to visit Cascais and its beaches. However, in the winter, Cascais has a very mild climate.

Without the footfall of visitors, the town allows for the perfect luxury lifestyle all year round.

For more information on Cascais and on potential areas to find perfect waterfront homes in Portugal in this area, check out our article: Cascais Property Real Estate.

The Algarve

algarve real estateWhether you are looking for pure luxury, rugged nature, or a mix of both, the Algarve has you covered where you’ll find the very best selection of Portugal real estate beachfront properties. It is not by chance that this area is one of the most sought-after destinations in Southern Europe. Both vacationing families and those seeking a second home in the sun look to this stunning coastline in the south of Portugal. Indeed, the Algarve is even popular among the crème de la crème of celebrities who have sought out Portugal, such as Sir Cliff Richard and Bonnie Tyler.

When looking for a luxury apartment or chic villa with waterfront views, consider Albufeira or Portimão, as both are cosmopolitan cities where you will have access to everything that you may need. For the best casinos, luxury restaurants, and a place to dock your yacht, try nearby Vilamoura.

If you would like to be in a class of your own, why not look for properties in the “Golden Triangle” of Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo, and Almanac? If you are looking for true luxury, where you are able to eat in some of the very best Michelin-star restaurants in Portugal, admire the glorious views of the ocean, and enjoy your own private pool, then this is certainly the place for you.

For those who are looking to be closer to nature or are water sports fanatics, opt for Sagres or Lagos for a property with a rooftop sea view. This area in the south has stunning rock formations unique to this part of Portugal. Lagos has gained significant traction in recent years, particularly amongst American buyers, where you will be able to find your ideal luxury property with a sea view.

Elsewhere, you have Tavira, arguably the most authentic area of the Algarve. Tavira is a picturesque and historic town. Close by, you have beautiful white sandy beaches stretching for miles and some of the best seafood in Portugal. Indeed, this area also boasts some of the best golf courses, an added attraction if you are a keen golfer.


With the Douro River spread out before you and the bright lights of wine houses on the opposite side of the river providing a comforting evening glimmer, Porto is a city that never ceases to surprise. Whether you are located in the city center, amongst the colorful houses, or admiring the spectacular views of the Atlantic from Foz do Douro, a serene neighborhood by the coast, Porto is an increasingly popular city amongst expats. Indeed, the second-largest city in Portugal is even giving Lisbon a run for its money.

In the city itself, you will be able to find properties that have incredible views of the Douro River. Porto is a vibrant mix of locals and tourists, students, and entrepreneurs. The city is quieter than Lisbon, and the way of life here has a more relaxed feel to it.

If you are moving with children, then Foz do Douro, a short 20 minutes from Porto city center, is the perfect location for families. With all the services that you could dream of, house-fronts facing the ocean where the evening sun merges into the sea, and some of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal, why choose any other place?

The large houses facing the sea are spectacular, and you will have ample space to relax. What’s more, the beaches have a blue eco-label flag. This is a sign of high-quality unpolluted seawater, so your children should be able to splash around with little worry. Porto also has some of the best international schools in the country.

Property investors, including those looking at luxury real estate, have also been turning their attention to Porto in recent years, with high potential for capital appreciation and rental yields standing at 6 percent for the Porto Metropolitan Area.


Comporta PortugalIn the southwest of Portugal, you will come across the luxury resort of Comporta. It could be said that Comporta is one of the most up-and-coming areas in Portugal. However, this area is already very well established. It is simply that more buyers are looking outside the hotspot areas to fully appreciate the luxurious ambiance of Comporta.

Comporta is an easygoing resort. Indeed, it has been coined the “Hamptons of Europe” by some and even the “Ibiza of Portugal” by others. Some acclaim for this sleek part of Portugal! Indeed, famous designers have come to call Comporta home. Its blend of local Alentejan architecture, contemporary eco-design, and Bohemian flair is unique.

With restaurants that are continually pushing the boundaries and white beaches that offer pure escapism, Comporta has it all. You are not far from the Tróia Peninsula, Setúbal, the charming town of Melides, and the breathtaking Serra da Arrábida Park. These are destinations that should be on your regular hit list if you are living here. The perfect thing about Comporta is that you will be able to wake up each morning firmly in the knowledge that you are living in one of the most splendid locations in Europe.

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The Silver Coast

The Silver Coast (Slider)The Silver Coast begins just north of Lisbon and extends 150 kilometers north, beyond Nazaré, the famous surf spot. This stretch of coastline is for those looking for a more traditional part of the country. While you do have a large expat community in Nazaré and also many internationals in Peniche and Ericeira, the Silver Coast continues to proudly display its Portuguese traditions. You will find charming Portugal oceanfront real estate here, particularly if you are looking for a property in a calm part of the country to call home.

The way of life here has remained, for the most part, unchanged. Take Peniche, for example, where you can walk into the local bakery and be hailed by an array of locals all eagerly enjoying their morning coffee and pequeno almoço (breakfast). Or, in Nazaré, you can still see fishermen’s wives wearing seven colorful layers of skirts.

Peniche Portugal real estate has many properties at affordable prices that could be the ticket to your new home.

The Silver Coast shows the full power of nature, with surfers taking to the water amid the crashing waves. Don’t be fooled to think that you don’t have perfect beaches to relax on, though. Across the coast, you will find white sandy beaches, perfect to escape from daily life. The Silver Coast is a great place to find a good balance between work and life, and it’s also where you’ll try some of the tastiest seafood in the country.

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What’s more, house prices will be much more affordable in comparison to other parts of the country. For peace and quiet, a local life, and the freedom to explore the Portuguese way of life against the backdrop of beautiful scenery, you may just have found your new home.


overview of coimbra portugal real estatePerhaps a little forgotten against other more well-known locations in Portugal – Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve come to mind – Coimbra is a charming city with the beautiful Mondego river running through it.

Coimbra real estate is more affordable than hotspot locations in the country, but the city has a very rich history. Indeed, the historical buildings in the city were classified as UNESCO World Heritage sites in 2013. These include structures dating back as far as the Roman era, such as its impressive aqueduct. As Coimbra was the capital of Portugal from 1131 to 1255, many of the buildings from this time still remain. Its transition to a major cultural center in the Middle Ages can also be seen across the city.

This was helped by the establishment of the oldest academic institution in the Portuguese-speaking world, the University of Coimbra, in 1290. To this day, the university welcomes students from across the globe. They follow in the footsteps of a long line of students who have walked through the doors of the university for over 700 years.

Living in Coimbra provides you with a quieter lifestyle than in Lisbon. However, as a university town, you have restaurants bursting with attitude, new gin bars popping up by the river, and traditional tascas (typical Portuguese restaurants) serving up the best of Portugal’s culinary delights.

With the option of buying property on the waterfront with views of the picturesque Mondego River, you may just find the most charming home in the very center of Portugal.

How much do waterfront homes in Portugal cost?

Energy-costsThe cost of waterfront properties will very much depend on the location. The type of property, the size of the apartment, and its facilities, such as a pool, are also factors that will influence the price.

Luxury property in Portugal in the exclusive areas of the Algarve, Cascais, and Comporta are likely to be expensive. Particularly if you are looking for penthouse apartments or properties with a private pool or gym, the price will be higher.

Lisbon, Portugal, real estate has its own price range in comparison to the rest of the country, with average asking property prices for the Lisbon Metropolitan Area standing at €4,061. Porto still remains affordable, with prices standing at €3,291., while properties in Coimbr and the Silver Coast are even more affordable. For those looking to snap up property in the Algarve, the average asking price was €3,897 in 2023.

It is important to note that house prices, including luxury properties, are much more affordable than in other European countries. Even Lisbon is affordable as a capital city, and Portugal remains an attractive country to own real estate.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Where to Find the Best Waterfront Homes in Portugal

Where to find the perfect waterfront home for you will depend on what you are looking for. For city life, consider Lisbon and Porto, or if you would like a quieter city, perhaps Coimbra is for you. The Lisbon Coast allows a good mix between city and coastal atmospheres. Comoporta, Cascais, and the Algarve are good for exclusivity and luxury lifestyles. The Silver Coast is perfect for those looking for Portuguese ambiance and to be close to the beauty of nature.

For families, Foz do Douro in Porto is a good option, as are Cascais and Lisbon. These locations all have excellent international schools.

The process of buying a waterfront home in Portugal is relatively easy for expats. We do, however, recommend working with a real estate agent and an experienced lawyer to ensure that the process runs smoothly, particularly if you do not speak Portuguese or are unfamiliar with the processes that you will have to follow. 

There are no restrictions to buying property in Portugal. However, if you are a non-EU citizen and you are looking to relocate, you will need to secure a residency permit. Following Brexit, this is also applicable to UK citizens.

Buying a waterfront home in Portugal offers stunning views, direct access to beaches or rivers, and a peaceful lifestyle. These properties often appreciate in value and can provide lucrative rental income due to high demand.

Waterfront homes in Portugal typically cost more than inland properties due to their desirable locations and views. Prices vary significantly based on the region, with premium coastal areas commanding the highest prices. High-end luxury properties will also obviously cost more. However, these properties will increase in value over time, making them prime investment options.

When purchasing a waterfront home in Portugal, consider factors like property condition, flood risk, proximity to amenities, legal regulations, and potential for future development. It’s crucial to conduct a thorough inspection and consult local real estate experts. We recommend having an experienced lawyer by your side, and it is worth enlisting the services of a surveyor.


To find the best deals on waterfront homes in Portugal, work with a reputable real estate agent or buyer’s agent. It can be a better idea to work with the latter as real estate agents in Portugal work on behalf of the seller and will get a higher commission for a higher sale. Buyer’s agents, on the other hand, work on behalf of the buyer and will negotiate the best price on your behalf, ensuring there is no conflict of interest and that your interests are protected.

In Portugal, you can find various waterfront properties, including beachfront villas, coastal apartments, riverfront homes, and seaside cottages. Each type offers unique advantages, from luxury amenities to charming traditional designs.