Beach Houses for Sale in Portugal

Portugal has a coastline that stretches 1794 km, making for some terrific beaches.  However, if you are looking for beach houses for sale in Portugal then this opens the question: how to choose which beach is for me when there is simply so much choice?

In this article, we’ll provide you with a rundown of ten of the best areas to find a beach houses for sale in Portugal. From the sunny Algarve to the Matosinhos Beach, close to Porto, we hope to provide you with a detailed account of the most desirable locations for prospective buyers. 

Looking to live amongst fellow expats in the Algarve? Or are looking for the remote and quieter beaches on the Silver Coast? We have you covered. These areas are not ranked in any particular order. This is because each buyer will have different tastes and be looking for something slightly different. 

Looking to move to Portugal or simply buy a second home here? For more information on the most desirable areas in Portugal, our new book Your Expert Guide to Buying Property in Portugal provides you with detailed accounts of potential areas and an easy six-step guide to buying in Portugal. 


Top Ten Areas for Beach Houses for Sale in Portugal


10. Peniche

The Silver Coast encompasses the stretch of coast just north of Lisbon up until around 150km north of Nazaré. A quieter location in Portugal in comparison to many other beach locations. Peniche is a great area if you are looking for tranquility, local life, and to be close to nature. 

A dramatic rocky coastline, this area is a popular spot for surfers and beach-goers alike. It hosts the annual MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal for the World Surf League at Supertubos beach. The winters can be slightly gloomy and the weather unpredictable, as it faces the vast Atlantic Ocean. However, the summers are simply perfect, as you have the slight sea breeze. 

Friendly locals and their old way of life still permeate through daily life. Here, local bakeries greet you with warm smiles and local tips on the best beach spots and restaurants. 

9. Setúbal and Sesimbra

Setúbal is a short drive south of Lisbon and has a thriving expat community. As such, there are excellent hotels, restaurants, and amenities. It is unsurprising that Setúbal has excellent seafood. This is because Setúbal was once regarded as the most important area for Portugal’s fishing industry, particularly sardines. 

Arguably the most beautiful coastal views in Portugal are close to Setúbal. Driving down the coastline of Sesimbra, you are blessed with views of the magnificent ocean with the sunshine gleaming off the waves. What’s more, ask locals and expats alike in Portugal and they will certainly comment on the beauty of the beaches in this region. Beaches such as Praia do Portinho da Arrábida and Praia de Galapos, nestled in the Serra da Arrábida hills, spring to mind.

Looking for beach houses for sale in Portugal, then Setúbal is an attractive option. Additionally, given the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be able to find a property at a cheaper rate. What’s more, properties in both Setúbal and Sesimbra have very high yields. If you were thinking about renting the property out for some parts of the year, this could be an attractive buy. 


8. Tavira

Tavira offers tranquility and peace and is considered one of the most authentic areas to have a beach house in the Algarve. Most expats focus on Albufeira, Portimão, or Faro, which has allowed this former fishing village to retain its traditional charm. 

Both Moorish and Roman designs can be found in Tavira, showing the rich history of the region. Not only this, but close to Tavira is the oldest Olive tree in Portugal. The Gilão River flows through the town. The white and blue facades of the houses here are very typical of this area. Praia do Barril can be reached by a small train or short walk. You also have Tavira island, with its 11-km of white sandy beach, and pristine turquoise waters for swimming. 

The eastern Algarve is an area where you may find a beach house for sale at a good price, in comparison to more popular areas in the center of the Algarve. 


7. Porto

While Porto may not come to mind first when thinking of beach properties, it is very good in terms of lifestyle and investment. With some excellent international schools, services, and amenities and the historic city of Porto close at hand, Porto offers an excellent buy. 

Some areas that come to mind for beachfront properties include Foz Do Douro and the surrounding area of Matosinhos beach. For more information, see our guide for the best beach properties in Porto.


6. Western Algarve: Lagos and Sagres

The Western tip of Portugal, Sagres, offers dramatic scenery and highlights the sheer power of nature of the Portuguese coast. Quieter than many other areas of the Algarve, Sagres is a good option if you would like a beach house in the Algarve, but not in such close contact with other expats. 

Further east you have Lagos. If you have ever looked at pictures of the Algarve, the unique and scenic rock formations that make up Lagos will definitely have featured. With delicious eateries, lively nightlife, and a good-sized community of expats, there is also a more relaxed atmosphere here than closer to the center of the Algarve.


5. Costa Vicentina

There are many good areas for beach houses for sale in Portugal. Costa Vicentina was once a little far off the tourist or expat trail. This region, from Sagres up to Sines, is now beginning to become explored by the non-Portuguese. This Alentejo-Algarve area provides you with the luxury of both areas and allows you to live as a local would. 

The Alentejo, the breadbasket of Portugal, is where the best foods (and wines for that matter) are produced. Sitting back with some local chouriço and queijo (cheese) or opting for some seafood delicacies could be the norm for you if you were to buy here. It is also important to note that this region is more affordable than much of the Algarve. As you move north from the sunny south, house prices generally begin to fall.


4. Lisbon and Cascais

Lisbon is the cosmopolitan capital of Portugal. The city is famous for its 25 Ponte de Abril bridge, traditional eateries, and the hustle-bustle that you would expect from the capital. 

Lisbon is a very easy place to live, with a strong presence of expats that have blended with the Portuguese way of living. Indeed, most locals embrace taking time out to enjoy a cafe, delight in the many varieties of Bacalhau (salt cod) on offer, and admire the beautiful tiles of the city. With beautiful beaches close at hand – such as Carcavelos and Costa da Caparica – you can also find very good beach houses for sale here. 

And then you have Cascais. A truly luxurious lifestyle a stone’s throw from the capital. This seaside town offers a very good lifestyle and investment opportunity. Cascais has some of the best restaurants, beautiful detached houses for sale, and excellent schooling options 

Close by you also have Estoril, Carcavelos, and Parede, each of which offer unique locations for a beach house. To see more about the perks of buying in Cascais, take a look at our article which provides a more detailed picture of the different areas in Cascais municipality. 


3. Nazaré

Nerves of steel can be seen firsthand in Nazaré, as the big wave surfers take to the waters to test their mettle. The town itself used to be known for its traditional costumes for both the fishermen and their wives. Here, the women would wear a headscarf and seven-colored flannel skirts, which are still worn, on occasion, to this day. 

Buying a house in Nazaré is a good option for you if you want to be by the coast, but not in the expat-heavy south of the country. Some of the nicest beaches are found along the Silver Coast. 

Take a seat at any of the many seafood restaurants here and you will be hard-pressed to be disappointed. Two fish to bear in mind which are excellent are Dorado and Robalo. Lulas grelhadas (grilled squid) also comes highly recommended.


2. Tróia, Comporta and Melides

The South west region of Portugal is becoming increasingly popular and is known for luxurious hotels, casinos, and upscale restaurants. All located in the heart of Portugal, these areas boast wide beaches and a nature reserve. 

Tróia is a peninsula with 18km of white sandy beaches. Spend the day on the beach, or cycling in the nature reserve and, in the evening, indulge yourself with a fine dining experience or a night at the casino. 

Comporta is popular with expats, of course, but locals also spend time here, if they are looking for a little luxury outside the city. This is a place that has escaped the tourism of the Algarve and has retained its natural essence through eco-design and boutique architecture. Furthermore, Comporta has been labeled the “Ibiza of Portugal” and the “Hamptons of Europe” with famous designers now calling this sleek area home. This is as good an incentive as any to consider buying in this area. 

A little further down the coast, you’ll come across Melides. Even more in touch with nature than Comporta, several villas here could make an attractive home if you are looking for a place where the locals are still very much at the heart of the town.

1. Central Algarve

The “Golden Triangle” in the Algarve. The centerpiece to the sun-drenched south. Close to the resorts of Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo, here is the true luxury to have a beach house in the Algarve. 

The Central Algarve is where tourism in the south of Portugal really began. Indeed, this area became renowned for its beautiful beaches, stunning rock formations, and welcoming hotels, restaurants, and services. 

The British have been coming here for decades, but nowadays are not alone in the south. The French, German, Dutch, and Swedes have all been snapping up properties here recently. 

Vilamoura is popular with retirees and is very accessible. This is because Faro airport is nearby. Close by Vilamoura, you have Albufeira, with its cobblestone streets, lively night scene, and bustling expat community. Therefore, if you are looking for peace and quiet, you will probably not find it in Albufeira. Nonetheless, there is no denying that Albufeira offers great amenities, with a waterfront promenade, popular restaurants, and close proximity to sandy beaches.


Beach Houses for Sale in Portugal

Each buyer will be looking for something a little different and special for them. In this article, we’ve provided you with an overview of some beautiful beach locations. From this, you’ll have a bigger picture of where is best for you to buy.

Frequently asked questions about areas to find beach houses for sale in Portugal:

1. Where is the best area to find beach houses for sale in Portugal?

There are several areas to find perfect beach houses for sale in Portugal. 

It will depend greatly on what you are looking for. If you are looking to move to Portugal permanently, you will have to consider more things than if you are simply looking for a holiday home. 

Looking to buy property in Portugal it is good to have this in mind. If you are looking for a beach house for a family, then properties close to Porto may come top of your list. This is because this area has some of the top international schools, and many amenities and services perfect for family life. 

If you are looking more for a holiday home, then the Algarve is the obvious choice. The southwest (Tróia, Comporta, and Melidas) and Cascais, are good options if you are looking for a life of luxury. And, if you are looking to be in the cosmopolitan capital, go for Lisbon or to be closer to nature, yet with a strong expat community, opt for Setúbal and Sesimbra. 

Costa Vicentina and The Silver Coast (Peniche and Nazaré) offer a quieter recluse, more in touch with nature, and fewer expats. 

2. Where are the best areas to find beach houses for sale in Portugal for families?

There are many locations that are excellent for families. 

Moving to Portugal with your family, you have very good schools close to Porto and Lisbon. Additionally, Cascais also provides you with some of the best international schools in the country. A Norwegian study on family quality of life ranked Porto and Lisbon as first and third, respectively. This highlights that they are very good cities for families and they are also close to beautiful beaches.

3. Is now a good time to buy property in Portugal?

Yes, now is a good time to buy property in Portugal.

The real estate market in Portugal was not as badly affected as in other countries. House prices were generally stable, with some areas continuing to increase -albeit not as fast as usual. Indeed, Lisbon has long been an attractive investment opportunity and Porto has fast become its equal. 

Now could be an optimal time to buy as the buyer may have additional purchasing power. This is the result of the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent leveling of house prices. 

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