Best beach properties near Porto

What makes beach properties near Porto so special? Porto is proving to be a new favorite destination not only for tourism but also for investment. Over the past few years, various regeneration works in different districts have taken place, turning Porto into a desirable city with cheap property for sale. Whether buying a beach property […]

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How to find the best properties for sale in Lisbon

This year, properties for sale in Lisbon prices are lower in one-fifth of Portuguese municipalities. At the same time, Lisbon is considered the third best city in the world for foreigners to live in. These factors create a very favorable environment for those looking to buy or invest in the best properties for sale in […]

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Moving to Lisbon? Here’s what you should know

Lisbon is a top choice for relocation amongst digital nomads, expats and retirees. The warm weather, high quality of life and old beauty of the city have attracted people from many walks of life to up and move to Lisbon in the past few years. As with any big decision like relocation, information is power, […]

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